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Earth Hour

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Yesterday there was Earth Hour. Cities all over the world turned out lights and encouraged the regular people to do so also from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. My husband being the supportive green person he is, at least in our small way we try to be more green, thought Earth Hour would be fun and educational for our girls. Jon took down a few candles and lit them and made me turn off the movie I was watching on TV. The girls were fascinated with the candles and Lilah nearly burned her eyebrows off looking at one. (I light candles we just don’t have them lit very often at nighttime.)

We spent some time helping the girls clean their room by candle light, outside looking at the stars, in which having theĀ  lights to the Strip turned off made no difference since it’s the actual city lights that cause most of our light pollution. Then the girls and Jon huddled around the candles at the table to read a chapter from The Mouse and the Motorcycle, the current book Jon’s reading to them at bedtime. Then we sat on the couch telling stories. Eden likes to tell stories to herself while on the toilet about Aladdin, the ones she tells herself seem a lot longer than what she told us last night. (My children are a little strange, they like to talk to themselves while in the bathroom.)

It was fun to be with my family in quiet. We’ll need to turn the lights off and light candles more often.