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Easter at the Harvey’s

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

We had Easter dinner at my parent’s house. My mom was out of town so my sister Kristi did most of the work. My dad cooked the ham, I brought dessert and Glenn and AnneMarie brought salad.

We had the Easter egg hunt first so Carolyn could be there before she went off to her in-laws house.

Adrienne’s pretty cute when she’s awake.

The kids looking for eggs.

Eden didn’t want to pick up the real egg, she only wanted the candy filled ones.

A few minutes later of Lilah and the real egg is still in it’s spot (upper right hand of the picture). It wasn’t till towards the end of the hunt that we convinced Eden to take it.  (I also just thought this was a fun shot. )

More eggs.

The kids after the egg hunt. (Kaitlyn, Howie, Adrienne, Eden, and Lilah.)

I just wanted to zoom in and show you how cute Eden’s smile was.

At one point before dinner I found Eden up on the balcony eating candy. I’m not sure how much she ate before dinner. We had a fun egg hunt and relaxing dinner with my family before we headed home later that night.

Easter at the Blake’s

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Our Easter Baskets and my mom’s sewing machine.

The girls woke up before their mom on Easter morn, so they had to come get me before they inspected their baskets.

I don’t really give the girls candy because they get so much elsewhere. I did put some peanut butter M&M’s in the baskets though.

I’m still sleepy, but I’m ready to eat candy!

Before we left for church I asked Jon to take a few pictures of the girls. Here are a couple of them. They are so loving at times.

After church and a late lunch we had our Easter egg hunt!

The girls waiting outside my room. (Our room has the back door in it.)

Going for the same egg.

The kill.

Lilah couldn’t wait to see what was inside. (money, raisins and craisins.)

Here’s the video of the egg hunt.

Easter Egg Dying

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

On Friday night we we dyed eggs over at my parents house. My mom was out of town and we felt that my dad needed company and dinner since I brought over pizza. (Really their house is the biggest and just the easiest to fit in and we wanted to give my dad some company and make sure he didn’t have too quiet of a weekend without my mom. )

Lilah was so excited to dye eggs.

Lilah like coloring the eggs and then dying them.

Carolyn and Eden were making an egg for Zarina just to say they were thinking of her.

Some of the dyed eggs.

Howie and Kaitlyn, Eden had already dyed all her eggs and was watching longingly.

My niece Addrienne slept through the whole thing.

5 things

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

1. Ladybugs. Most of our ladybugs have hatched and Lilah is so excited to release them soon.
2. Easter.
3. The Atonement.
4. Overcast days.
5. Reese’s.

Most patient children in the world

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

My girls are so patient. They were given a basket full of candy and in wrapping, like one you could buy at the store, but since it’s not Easter we’re making them wait to open it, and they don’t even mind. It’s not like they don’t like candy so the basket doesn’t matter to them. They like candy but are willing to save their baskets till the Easter Bunny sees them. I think it helps that they’re only allowed one piece of candy a day and we have some in the cupboard from an Easter egg hunt at Carolyn’s work earlier this week.

It’s funny, I just typed this and Lilah just asked when she can open it. I said tomorrow and she said she wanted to open it today. I think she’ll ask one or two more times, but will get over it. I just don’t want the candy chaos to really start till tomorrow.  I still think she’s patient though, even if she carries the basket around all day wanting to open it. As long as she doesn’t whine too much I don’t care.

To Fast

Friday, April 10th, 2009

My week went by to fast. I think I’ve done things, like I began sewing and almost finished one of Lilah’s costumes for the play, but then the elastic was to thick so I had to buy some today and it’s too thin, but will work for it’s intended purpose.

I’ve also met up with old friends and had and afternoon in the park, which has not helped Eden or my allergies.

Now I’m killing time, since I don’t want to sew the elastic in and I need to work on my lesson a little more and we’re dying Easter Eggs tonight. Lilah is so excited about that. She’s been counting down the days till Easter and until we dyed eggs. Note: next year buy the dye on the intended day otherwise your daughter will carry it everywhere and keep asking if today is the day we’re going to dye eggs.

I know this is a random post, but it’s just to check in and say the week has gone too fast and I still have so much to do before it ends tomorrow.

Spring Cleaning Update

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Not that I’ve been cleaning all day, just part of it, but apparently Spring cleaning in my book means to clean inside of shelves and places where you see no immediate benefit or change, unless you’re me, and it makes a big mess by your door because that’s where the pile of stuff you don’t need is. And it means you clean the top of your fridge, also a place where no one looks.

I think I’ll go wash some dishes so I can have an empty sink and feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Maybe by the end of the week my floors will be mopped, but maybe not.

5 things

Monday, April 6th, 2009

1. Windex. It’s really for more than windows. It gets the sticky grime off pretty well.
2. General Conference.
3. Sitting on the couch with my family and watching informative shows.
4. A home and all the things in it.
5. A healthy immune system. Even when I’m hit it helps me get better.

Spring Cleaning

Monday, April 6th, 2009

I’m not really a spring cleaner, but usually once a year, or twice since I should be doing this more regularly, I clean out our junk and decide what to get rid of. Some things are easy like the sprouts seeds that are really old and an old fire alarm that I’m not sure where it came from. Those are two things Jon found while he was putting a tupperware away yesterday and I was holding onto them, though the sprouts I know I was holding onto for him. While up on a the stool Jon also saw how yucky it was on top of our fridge. I guess I’ll have to organize and clean this spring. One reason for the organizing is I have two months to figure out what to do with the stuff on the top bunk. Lilah turns six in two months and we have no where to put the stuff up there and we said she could start sleeping up there when she’s six, so I need to get rid of things and make space to put more stuff in our already cramped closets. It’s fun. Real fun.

One thing that I’ve sadly realized we can and should get rid of is the infant car seat. It’s usable till 2011, but sadly that will probably be the year we begin trying again, unless an accident happens. Car seats have changed a lot since we bought this one. They now have a cool strap that you can adjust to the baby while it’s in it, rather than trying to strap your child in with a sweater and realizing you need to loosen it, or you’ve been strapping her in with a sweater and now you need to tighten it. In some ways I’m so happy that I can get rid of the car seat. It’s the biggest and most awkward of all the things on the top bunk. In other ways I’m extremely sad knowing that we won’t be having a baby before 2011. I’m also not sure if I can craigslist it or not. It’s still perfectly good and I’d sell it for very little if not just give it away. I’m just not sure what to do and if someone can use it secondhand.

Other things I think I’ll get rid of. A glass cutting board from Chicago cutlery, glasses with gold rims that I thought I’d keep for my nice dinnerware, I’m just not sure if I like them that much and if they’re worth keeping since I think I’d like some sort of stem ware for my nice dinnerware. A toastmaster too. I have used it once this year, but only because I was making grilled cheese and my frying pans were dirty. We also have two computers. Though one is our old one and I think should just be tossed and the other one is a computer Jon’s co-worker was putting together but didn’t finish, or something.

Now I just have to find a place to put all this stuff before I figure out where to take it or if I want to sell it.

Spring cleaning. So fun.

Last one, I promise.

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

I know my life is so exciting that I’ve already done 4 posts in one day, but this is the last one because I think it’s fun, or you might get a kick out of my big head.

Lilah fell asleep for the last half hour of Little Buddha and wanted to finish watching it today before I mailed it off. I didn’t have time till it was 2 and I wanted to watch it with her in case she had any questions or comments on what went on. I thought putting it in the mail at 2:30 would be fine because our mailman, or lady depending on the day of the week, comes between 2-5 pm, though usually not until 3 at the earliest. I got our Netflix together and the Neilson’s TV survey we had just finished and walked over to my mailbox to mail them. As I was approaching the mailbox I heard a horn honk, and even though I’m not exactly looking hot in my yoga pants and pink t-shirt and I haven’t been honked at in like 10 years, I thought it was just some random car honking as they went by and then I realized the car had pulled up behind me. I looked and it was my mail lady. She had already come but saw me heading to the mail box and was willing to take the mail I needed to be mailed. The Neilson’s survey was not saved, but already in the box, but I was able to save the Netflix which means we should have one for Saturday rather than Monday. I just love my mail lady and maybe I’ll pay more attention to who honks at me next time, though I’m not sure it’s gonna happen again anytime soon. 😉