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Which one

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

For my Ozian Costume I’m thinking of using one of the following patterns. So you know what want to do, I want my skirt a bright Emerald green with a gold lace or trim a few inches up from the hem, basically like the first simplicity pattern. The corset I’m thinking of making a darker contrasting green or possibly gold if I find a fabric I like. The corset would have gold ties, gold contrast and I would put the same gold trim on my apron, if I make one, though I think I will need to. I want my skirt fabric to be a satin or something shiny. The apron and shirt would be in a creme or off white color and my corset might be shiny or it might be more of a cotton fabric. I’m not sure yet.

Which pattern do you like best and remember I’m a worker not a princess.




I’m leaning towards #3, only because I like the corsets and it has an apron.  I could use the apron pattern from Hannah’s pioneer costume if I wanted to. But I want my sleeves to be shorter and it’s a Butterick pattern and I’m not sure when those will be on sale and the other two patterns go on sale next week for only $0.99.

I’ve lost it.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

So I’m not one of those women who constantly wear their wedding ring. I take it off and if I’m at home it’s not on my finger 90% of the time. I just find it to be annoying since I hate washing dishes, cleaning, or lying down with it on my finger, and those are things I’m doing everyday if I’m at home. I also feel that they bang it up and I like for my ring to stay somewhat nice looking and shiny after we get it checked out and cleaned every six months with our ESP plan.

Anyways. I can’t find my wedding ring anywhere in my house. It’s not in my jewelery box or in the kitchen. The two places I take it off and put it down. I’ve also check every horizontal surface.

Last night I wore it to the Wizard of Oz practice and then to Target. Eden had to use the bathroom while we were at Target and since I like to dry my finger and ring off after I wash my hands I think I may have placed it on the sink and then got distracted by Eden since she decided to spray water everywhere with the low sink in the bathroom. It was wonderful and very uncharacteristic of her.

I hope I didn’t leave it there.


Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

I need to go grocery shopping. Jon’s out of milk, my idea’s for dinner are depleting and I need to hit three stores since we’re also almost out of bread and cereal, but Trader Joe’s will have to wait and we’ll have to have mac and cheese for a day at least. (In an effort to stay withing budget I haven’t been shopping in two weeks. Darn those Costco annual membership fee’s.)

The problem is it’s windy. Like so windy and Lilah is still getting over a nasty cough. Like she’s coughing up a lung every time she coughs, and I was feeling sick the past couple days, so going out in the wind is not appealing when I know it will aggravate our conditions.  Plus today is the day I should go shopping because I need it done by tomorrow night and tomorrow is kinda busy.

I really hate the wind. Maybe it will die down and I can go tonight.