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Cathedral Gorge- Part 2.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


After some morning hiking we all decided to hike to the caves not far from camp. Lilah at first stayed with Andrea and Brien, mostly to be with Zarina and Eden stayed back with Jon and I, or we stayed back with her. The gorge was a prehistoric lake that has dried and the caves are within silt hills. Jon had lots of fun squeezing into tight places and it was nice and cool within the caves and passage ways.

Lilah also became very adventurous and was mountain climbing. She saw Uncle Brien climb up high and wanted to climb also. Both Lilah and Eden did  great on climbing but were a little more nervous at coming down the hill side. Jon was a very patient daddy and helped the girls down through their many cries and pleas for help. I know I would have just grabbed them and taken them down, but he helped them slowly yet surely down the side of the hills, very slowly at times.

After lots of exploring Eden and I were getting tired, but Lilah and Jon wanted to hike some more, so we left them for camp and Jon and Lilah went on a much longer hike to a lookout at the top of the silt cliffs. Eden and I ate lunchand hung out with the Parks. Jon and Lilah eventually returned and we all took afternoon hikes.

For dinner we went to a restaurant in Panaca. It was delicious and nice to not cook. While there a storm developed so it was very windy as we sat around the fire Friday night. It looked like it might rain so I opted to sleep in the car. The storm died down for the night and it did not rain, but I’m still happy I choose the car, though I wouldn’t want to do it again anytime soon.

We packed up and went home Saturday morning. I immediately put the girls in a bath while Jon and I unpacked and put away our camping gear. I then took a shower to wash away all the dirt and sand.

It was a fun weekend and we loved camping with Andrea’s family. We hope they decided to go again before Zarina turns 4, we know Zarina can be a grumpy camper, really sleeper, but it’s so much fun during the day to let our girls explore and be together.

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