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Lazy Punctuation!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

So lately my punctuation has been lacking. Not so much in my blog, though I do wonder how often I should use comma’s for my wonderful run on sentences.

I’ve not been capitalizing or adding periods when I chat or write on some one’s wall in Facebook, unless I notice it and go back to correct it.

I think  when I chat I am wanting to maximize my speed, so hitting the shift key while I type or punctuating seems to take too much time away from my rapid fire brain. I think it’s also that I still type incorrectly and am to busy trying to go back and correct what I’ve mistyped and there are many a times I still mistype, just ask Hunny Bunny. a.k.a. Jon.
(Lilah loves that his nickname is Hunny Bunny and while we chat she is known to come read his nickname and them cover her mouth and giggle as she says. “Hunny Bunny, that’s so cute.” It use to be Sexy Husband and for the previous reason of Lilah reading I changed it.)

I also am a terrible speller so besides having to correct what I mistype due to wrong key strokes I have to go back and do a spell check, which is easy since it’s automatically installed in Firefox.

I think I’m mostly lazy, buy I’m only lazy at choice times. Right now I have no problem with capital letters, but five minutes ago I was forgetting to capitalize or use periods as I chatted late night with a friend, and it wasn’t because I’m tired and hungry, though I am both.

I just have mental laziness in certain web programs.

With Facebook I think it’s when I write what I’m thinking I’m doing it in third person and they begin the sentence for me. Such as: Lacey J is tired and hungry. I only have to add the “is tired and hungry.” part so I don’t need to capitalize but then I find it running over into wall posts or comments.

Is there such a thing as unconscious- choice- lazy- punctuation?

And did you know Lacey is misspelled according to Firefox so I have to ignore the red dots below my name any time I type it, which isn’t often since Facebook does the hard work of writing it for me.


Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Lately we’ve given Lilah some freedom. She can play outside and go up and down part of the street and check the mail all on her own. She loves doing this and for the most part I don’t worry. Other kids play on our block all the time, they also play in our yard and at times try to come into our house if the girls come in to get a drink. I’m pretty sure we live in a safe neighborhood, it’s just a little ghetto at the same time and there is a cultural division with us being in the minority.

Yesterday Jon gave Lilah his keys and she checked the mail. It was a big mail day since we get all the adds on Tuesday. Today Jon realized he hadn’t received his keys that held the mailbox and house key back from Lilah after she got the mail yesterday. We searched everywhere and they did not turn up. We checked the mailbox and no luck.

We think Lilah may have left them in the mailbox key hole and that some one may have taken them. Of course we’re not sure but all we know is we can’t find them in the house and the last time they were used was for the mailbox.

Losing the keys wouldn’t be such a big deal, but we think they may have been lost in a way that a person could easily find out who they belonged to, since it wasn’t like in a store or some random place, it was in our mailbox lock which if you open it has our name in it for the postal worker to see and remember us by, then just look up that name and you have an address.

So we decided we were in a vulnerable situation and should get the mail box and our house re-keyed, but I’d be at home alone with the girls and the one handling it since Jon had meetings and places to be.  While home alone I also needed a shower and someone out there possibly had our house key and could theoretically come in the house at any moment.

So I put our chain lock on before getting in a shower warned the girls that if anyone rang, knocked or appeared to be entering the house they were to come to my room, shut the door and get me out of the shower. I know the chain is more a deterrent and can easily be broken, so I figured I’d cover my bases and have us all hide in the master bath with the master bedroom locked and then with the bathroom locked too if anyone were to enter the house. I hid Jon’s machete under the bathroom sink so we could barricade ourselves in and have protection. I also had both my home phone and cell phone ready and clothes since I was in the shower.

I showered quickly and I forgo shaving my armpits just so I would get out of the shower that much sooner. It ended up being for nothing, though how bad would I feel if something had happened and I was in the middle of shaving,  not to mention any potential nicks if the girls came in at that moment telling me someone was entering the house.

I finish getting dressed and we started looking up a lock smith. We didn’t want to call just anyone in the phone book to re-key our house and with looking on-line it seemed like there were plenty of shady lock smiths, so we decided to call someone who might know a reputable locksmith. I called my sister Carolyn who’s company also deals with rentals and used a locksmith to change the locks.  I called who she recommended and he came out at noon and re-keyed the locks.

I know the possibility that the person who did find our keys would come to our house to steal our things or hurt us is small. If anything it was most likely a neighbor and someone who would have no intention of entering our house, but you never know if someone might attempt a crime of opportunity while we’re away or even while we were home.

So now we’ve spent $74 to re-key the locks and it will cost us another $40 to change the mail box lock and in the mean time our mail will be on hold.

Lilah feels bad and wants to pay us back and I feel it was partially her fault and partially mine and Jon’s since we didn’t follow up and get the keys from here.

The one thing I’ve learned is the mail key should have it’s own key chain and we need to follow up a little better with her to make sure it’s not lost.

I hated feeling so vulnerable. I was kinda a paranoid mess this morning, hence the machete under the sink, but as the day went on I felt fine.

I feel a little bad being so paranoid and a somewhat ashamed that I had so little faith in my neighbors, but I also felt so exposed, not knowing where or who might have our house keys.

Moms getting a degree

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Recently a thread was started in my uschooling group about Obama wanting to add more time to the school day and school year. I whole heartedly disagree with this, but that’s also why I homeschool.

The thread got sidetracked at one point and one of the members mentioned the ads for Obama wanting mothers to get an education.

Have you noticed all the ads going around about encouraging moms to go back to school and get a degree? The government will take care of the kids! Have they lost the “strong families make strong countries”?
“Dr. X.” – insert name here, PhD/ND-CTN/CBT
Doctor in Natural and Holistic Health – Quantum Naturopathy / EFT-BSFF /EPFX-QXCI

Being a homeschooling mom with a degree I couldn’t help but respond. I’ve just posted so the discussion is just getting started. I also think it’s interesting that someone with a PhD, or some sort of education in her field, is so against educating mothers.

I’m not going to use quotes for the following because they’re kinda long. I’m also not going to post all the discussion, but just some that I think are valid.

My response:

My response to encouraging moms to go to school.

I think higher education is something to be valued. Education should be valued, and things taught in a college setting are not always easily acquired in the real world and through life learning, though with my degree you could learn a lot in real life and just through text books.

I know the ads are there to encourage people to get a degree so they can work and pay more taxes, but I think they’re really trying to help families who are in lower incomes so they can get a degree and pull themselves up from poverty.

I hope we can all agree that those in poor circumstance who rely heavily upon the government would be better off if they were able to provide for their own families. Most who rely on the government for food and assistance already have their children in the public education system and taking them out is not an option. If they become educated then it helps their children to value education by mere example and it’s shown that children with mothers who have a degree are more likely to get a degree, and then you have a generation who is more capable to take charge of their child’s education and teach from home. I know education does not equal wealth and there are many occupations where a higher education is not needed, and that is fine, but their target audience is not people who are able to make it on their own, but those who are using help and already rely on the government.

I have a degree yet I stay home and teach my children. Having a degree doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to abandon your children to the public education system. It’s about enriching your life and learning more. I also am not alone in having a degree and being a stay at home mom and homeschooling mother.

I know have have a more traditional view towards homeschooling than others in the group, but we’re still trying to instil an ‘always learning’ type thinking, one area I think we agree on.


A response from Ms. A:

But most of the poverty-stricken people wouldn’t be able to afford higher education anyway. And I disagree that the most important thing to poverty-stricken families is more education.
The key is tighter family units. In a tight family unit, where trust and love are primary, kids have the best likelihood of thriving as adults. Happy, loving families produce happy, interested and secure children who grow up able to choose their own paths easily and with courage – with or without money. You can’t do that as well when you come from a background of stress or unhappiness.
Encouraging women to pursue an education, devalues their role as mothers. It says “you’re not important unless you go to work”. Shouldn’t we be supporting woman who are raising children? Can’t those same women still encourage their kids to make good choices – whether or not that includes college?
We were pretty dirt poor for most of my childhood, only getting to a stable (but still below middle class) level when I was a teen. I didn’t finish high school. But my mom was sure to empower me that only I was in control of my success. Without a high school diploma and without a business course, I owned my own business. I know lots of others who did the same.
I’m not saying education is bad or shouldn’t be supported, if it’s the persons choice. But I do feel the motivations behind it most times are unrealistic or unnecessary. And I do feel the government has its own agenda. As do the universities themselves. So many people choose college because they feel it is the only way to be successful. That’s a lie.
I don’t feel higher education should be valued more than any person choosing a life path that best suits them. I think it should be seen as one option among many to creating successful people. Sometimes the best choice. And sometimes inferior. I can’t tell you the number of professionals with a college degree in one thing and a career in something completely different. People that feel they wasted four years of their life and thousands of dollars. Why? Because they falsely thought they had to.
College CAN be great. College can ALSO be a total sham. I don’t think it holds any more value than life itself.
And I don’t think it is as important to raising happy, healthy children, interested in the world and confident in themselves and empowered in their choices.
Those in poverty areas may not be able to afford going to school, but part of the program is to help those women be able to go to college. Right after I posted this I thought about how the target audience might be single mothers who are in lower income situations who would like to provide more for their families and education might be that key for them.

I respectfully disagree that telling anyone they need a degree devalues them and whatever role they have, but I see a degree as a pathway to more information and not necessary as a pathway to more money.

I know that there are many amazing successful and intelligent people out there who have not finished college or even high school and that college can be a total sham if you thought you were going there for one reason and then figured out they couldn’t deliver what they promised. There were many classes I was required to take for my degree and I thought, why the heck am I taking this, then there were classes I was required to take and would not have on my own, but learned so much. I went knowing I was just receiving my education because I wanted to learn and not because I was going to use it to get a job. In fact if I ever work, my degree would probably be useless since I don’t “use” it as a mother. I don’t find that my role has been belittled by me wanting a degree.

I think any woman who is a wonderful, caring mother deserves my respect, whether she has a degree of any sort or not.

I think the key is being well learned in whatever you choose to do so you can succeed, and well learned can easily be replaced by well educated. I know a higher education is not for everyone, but learning is and we should all be learning whether we chose to learn through life or through a more formal setting.

I agree a strong family is needed to help children grow into amazing and secure adults. There are strong families in both lower and high incomes, there are weak families in both high and low incomes, but children in a lower income have a less stable home life due to financial stresses or other stresses in the home and thus are less able to grow into an empowered adult.

I do think the government is becoming all knowing and butting in where they shouldn’t. It would rather have the children in school and teach that money is success than to teach parents on how to be a good parent, but what if it offered classes on being a good parent? It would meet the same, if not a lot more, opposition because everyone has their own opinion on being a good parent and how a good family unit is created.

The problem you introduce is how do we provide a good stable family environment to every child so they can become whatever their potential is?

So how?

I don’t know because I know a lot of idiots out there who don’t care about their kids, none of which are in this group. 😉

5 things

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

1. A wonderful husband who loves me for me.
2. I’m grateful I got to experience this moment yesterday. As I packed the girls into the car after the co-op I heard Eden ask Lilah, “So Lilah what did you learn today?” in a very serious and cute voice.
3. I’m thankful for two healthy girls. We had their yearly check-up and they’re both normal and growing fine.
4. I’m grateful for my healthy body. I know a few people with crazy health problems and I’m happy mine don’t require major surgery, just exercise and minor sutures.
5. I’m so excited for the Holidays coming up. I don’t know what to get anyone for Christmas and we don’t have a lot of time till it’s here, but I am just so excited. (This might also be because I’m not making any costumes. Eden will be Jasmine and Lilah a fairy and she’ll use her costumes from the play. I’m so getting off easy. I do want Lilah to be Alice in Wonderland one of these years though, so I am tempted to make that this year before she gets too old.)


Friday, September 25th, 2009

So Facebook has connected me with a lot of friends I went to school with. Some I’ve known since elementary, most are from my junior high and high school years.

Recently one friend on Facebook did a status update about learning to do pap smears.


Someone I went to high school, and junior high, with is becoming a obstetrician and could deliver my next child? Hypothetically speaking of course, since their may or may not be another child shooting from me in the future and she’d have to move to Las Vegas, which is a Hell Hole for many obstetricians.

It’s crazy to see what people I went to school with, and are my age, are becoming. It’s kinda scary too. A couple are on their way to becoming doctors, then we have some lawyers, an astrophysicist and lots of other highly intelligent careers. Some are mothers like me, while many have become teachers and may or may not be parents also.

Plus, the new registrar for UNLV is around Jon’s age. (I secretly would love for Jon to become the registrar, but mostly for the money. There’s way too many politics and managing of other people for his taste.)

For the most part I am very, very happy. I have been for most of our marriage. I find that I am now becoming a little more selfish since I didn’t have that single and selfish stage of life where I got to do whatever I wanted. Jon is also supportive of this selfish time and if he could he would allow me to go on some fancy vacation far away, but alas we’re too money conscious and I would feel bad being that selfish.

I’m a mom. I’m happy to be a mom. I also have a degree. Something I’m very proud of. I didn’t get married and then neglect my education just because I knew I would be a stay-at-home-mom. Truth be told I continued school after being married and having Lilah because I didn’t want to be some Mormon girl who got married at 18, dropped out of college for no good reason, and started pumping out the kids. I did get married at 18 and I did start pumping out the kids so I wanted my education to prove I was more than my marriage and more than just a mother. I know it sounds harsh and I know I’ll offend some people by what I just wrote, but that was truthfully one of my driving forces behind continuing my degree, especially since I was so young and naive when I got married. I wanted to show that I had something going for me if I ever needed it.

That train of thought only kept me in school for so long, then it became more that I wanted to finish my degree because I truthfully loved school and I wanted to be an example for my kids.  I try not to judge other people on how high of an education they have, whether they had their kids at 20 or 40 or none at all. I did what I thought was best for me and my family, and it happened to be for me to finish my education.

I am secretly grateful that I’m not having more kids right now so I can do things like be in a play and go hang out with friends without being the pregnant or nursing mother. I am a mother, but being pregnant or nursing is just not right for me personally at this time. I think I need this me time, it’s selfish according to the plan but I am enjoying it.

At one time I thought I would be a nursing or pregnant mother for the whole of my 20’s, so I’m just embracing my life and what I can do with it.

But I find that I’m not satisfied with all I am. Jon sent me this link of two women trying something they always wanted to try in their late 30’s, though they may be 40. I joked that he wanted me to become some hot blonde that played the guitar.

I have some dreams.  I’m mostly to shy to act fully upon any of them, but I think it’s amazing what these women did. No doubt because I want to be an age appropriate hot mama and able to sing and maybe play an instrument.

I want the courage to reinvent myself.

I think it’s amazing that some of my old class mates are doing wonderfully challenging things.

I think it’s amazing that as a whole I am so happy being a mom to my two girls.

I think I need to get off my duff and make a some what sexy music video for Jon when he turns 40.

Heck, I’ve got 6 years, I think I’ll go wallow in my inabilities a little longer.

Here’s the video of the two SAHM’s who decided to learn to sing and to play an insturment. Click on it to read what Todd’s wife has to say about it.


Friday, September 25th, 2009

It’s a good thing it’s my own blogversary I forgot. I only have me to be mad at though, I’m not really mad.

I started blogging on September 2, 2005. Eden was just a mere 6 weeks old, Lilah was two and I was starting my 4th year of school. I would graduate and find out that Jon no longer believed in a God, all in just over a year of starting my blog. It seems strange to think that I’ve been graduated for most of my blogging life and have had a non believing husband for most of that time too.

For so long my life was school, babies, school, babies, happy believing marriage, school, babies, it seems strange that  that period of time is so far away, so distant, yet it feels like yesterday.

Time marches on with no cares for those it leaves behind.

I’m happy to still be at blogging. I find it therapeutic and sometimes it’s nice to read back and remember the feelings I was experiencing at certain times in my life. I don’t like reading and noticing all my spelling and grammatical errors, and I know there are some I still miss since my writing style hasn’t changed that much.

I’ve felt detached from blogging lately. I like putting our daily or weeking doings up, but now it seems so big a task at times. Instead I try to do a weekly post about five things I’m grateful for, and that usually sums up what’s going on, and then I do big posts about our trips and what I’m feeling.

With homeschooling I write in a journal about what we’ve done that day or recently in the week. I find it to be helpful and motivating because then I can see progress we’re making, I can be accountable on the days I slack off, and I can see what we’ve done and where we might be stuck at.

I’m happy to still be blogging. It’s a big part of my life and so here’s to another year of figuring life out and writing about it.


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Today was kinda an off day. I didn’t do any homeschool, which I should have since yesterday I was at the doctor’s and then I took a nap once home. I did read to my girls about Columbus and I did have Eden read from the Bob books.

I also cleaned my stove-top, as in the little drip pans and underneath where things spill beneath the burners. It was terrible and it was something extra in my routine so I  think it’s an accomplishment worth blogging about. Yay for me!

Tomorrow maybe I’ll de-clutter my living room or bedroom. I figure if I tackle one extra thing in my routine per day I’ll make some progress and maybe my house will become presentable again. As of now if anyone were to drop by I’d be terribly embarrassed.

5 Things

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

This week has been strange. On Monday I could only think of three things I was grateful for so I didn’t want to post, but I’ve found a couple more things and now can post a complete list.

1. I’m grateful for a husband who understands me and doesn’t mind my slumps. Well, he might mind them, but he’s understands that I need time and tries not to put extra demands on me, he even reminds me that with changes I only need to focus on little things and taking baby steps. He’s so wonderful.
2. Children who don’t have an anger issues. I had to deal with an interesting child on Monday and it makes me realize how lucky I am that I have normal kids without behavioral issues, though we still have the teen years ahead of us.
3. The cooler weather. It’s still hot, but I look forward to the not so hot days and cool nights. The girls and I can start taking walks again.
4. A good friend who watched my girls for four hours while I mostly just waited at the doctor’s office for a 20 minute procedure. Her daughter is also in school, so it wasn’t even classified as a play date/ babysitting, it was just babysitting.
5. Daughters who cleaned up after themselves at their friends house, without needing to be asked. I reminded them that they needed to clean up after themselves since their friend wouldn’t be there and I’m just really happy they listened. Now I just wish they would do that at home.

Also, little girls who run around in their pretty pink dance leotard. Eden’s just so dang cute right now, even if she won’t dance for me and I told her she had to if she wanted to wear it. She just doesn’t believe me for some reason.

Time to think

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

I’ve been sitting at the computer a lot lately, hoping there was something interesting to read, but mostly the blogs trickle in and Facebook only amuses for so long. Then I thought, hey why don’t I write something since I haven’t really written about what’s going on in our life lately. Not that it will be super interesting, but at least it’s then documented.

The top priority is homeschooling. It encompasses so much, but at the same time it does not fill a lot of our time. I’ve been mostly good about homeschooling on the days I’ve had planned, but I have had hang ups when we’ve been sick, or when I get the drive to do something other than home school. Like Friday I had to make strawberries as a thank you to the family who let us use their house for Eden’s party. I had yet to do something for them because they were out of town the Friday I made them for Jon’s co-workers. So instead of home school we gave thanks to someone for their kindness, even if the girls may not have gotten that’s what we were doing with all the running around to buy strawberries, toothpicks and boxes to put the berries in. Then they each got $1 while there just for the heck of it from Carolyn’s boss.  I saw it as an off day, but I just shrug it off. I’m still getting into formally homeschooling a few days a week and baby steps is all I have planned. I know that I’m still doing better than what I did last year and I know I’m seeing progress. (Eden’s read the first 5 Bob books of the first set and Lilah is trying to improve her spelling skills all on her own, even if she doesn’t like the actual act of writing too much.)

I admit I’m still easing into the fact that four out of the five days of my week I’m devoted to school. I can run errands or make appointments for the mornings, but overall I try to just stay home ’cause it’s easier that way.

I’m also having a hard time with being home and not wanting to clean more than I have to. I’m hitting a wall in a few areas of my life. I want a clean organized home, but I don’t want to put forth the effort. I want to lose just a little bit of weight but I don’t want to work out or stop eating sweets. I want things to occupy my time, but I find little that interests me.

I’m just in one of my slumps, but it’s not a complete slump. I still feel good about homeschooling the girls and I still want to do things, I just don’t want to do everything and for some reason I just want to veg at night and not sew even if a really cute apron is just waiting to be cut out and sewn and a couple of bags.

I suppose home school is seen more as a necessity to me right now, kinda like the dishes. I have to have something to eat off of or cook with and I have to home school my children. It’s what I’m suppose to do to have my house run on the bare minimum.

It’s strange how you don’t realize you have a problem or are feeling a little less yourself until your write about it or talk to someone. I suppose I knew I was avoiding things, but at the same time, my avoidance is so second nature that it seems normal. I’m either too busy to do something or I’m avoiding it. The too busy times makes the things I’m neglecting normal to avoid, if that makes sense.

I wish there was some answer for continual motivation, or maybe a pill. I’d definitely buy that.

Adventures in Pine Valley

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Here are the pictures to go with my detailed posted of what we did in Pine Valley.

Saturday, September 5, 2009.


Getting ready to feed the Koi.





Watching Gary so they can pick blackberries.


Lilah showing off a blackberry and Britta trying to put it back in the bowl.


The pond.


This is the first picture of many of the girls on the swings.



Eden swinging an singing by herself later in the day.




They were on the swings a lot.


Silly Eden.

Sunday, September 6, 2009.


The girls outside the church. It’s really hard to take a nice picture of three girls when they’re being silly.


Eden was the most cooperative.


The girls were pushing the four-wheeler.



The view from Gary’s nephew’s cabin.


Hanging out by the pond.



pretty peaches


wild turkeys

Monday, September 7, 2009


crate on a pulley



The girls liked “helping” to pull one another up in the crate.


Pretty flowers that were in the yard.


Britta twisting Eden up in the swing. Eden was the only one who enjoyed this because Lilah got hurt at one point and Britta was just too scared.


There she goes!


And she’s done, and so our are my pictures of the girls on the swings.


The redneck trampoline, AKA an old box spring. It was fun to jump on it. Sam tried it out and then made me.


They had fun jumping on it.


Eden in the pup tent.


Britta and Lilah in the pup tent.


All the girls.


Lilah being silly.

This concludes the picture portion of our Pine Valley trip. I just wish I had one taken with Sam, or had been fast enough to catch her jumping on the redneck trampoline.