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The Last Month

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

A month ago her husband told her about a new position he wanted to apply for. It seemed wonderful as they discussed the different reasons why he wanted this position and the benefits to it both professionally and personally.

It seemed perfect, so he submitted his application just before the final deadline.

After submitting the application it was decided he needed a new suit. He hadn’t bought a suit in over 12 years, and the last one was for his mission.

It was time for a new suit.

They saw it as an investment. An investment for the new position he was applying for. An investment for his future. An investment for their family’s future.

The whole family went. A family of four must have been a sight in this men’s suit store, but it’s what they had to do. They picked out a nice suit, shirt, 2 ties, shoes and a belt. They wanted him to look his best.

It was a large investment, but he looked so good and it fit him just right.

The phone interview came first. But instead of being a phone interview it was an in-person interview since he worked with the institution already.

What do you wear to a phone interview?

They decided the suit would be a little much, so he just wore his regular business casual attire, and they hoped a final interview was on the horizon.

Within two days he had been asked back for a final interview.

She was really happy because it meant that he was still in the running for the job and because he’d get to wear his suit.

The final interview came and went. He wore his suit and looked like a million bucks, but was a little less sure of this interview.

They waited to hear about the position, but over a week went by and no news.

She knew he hadn’t gotten it. They must have offered it to the other interviewee. She tried to contain her sadness since she was so hopeful for the new possibilities this job could provide for her family.

Her hopes faded for the future she had envisioned and seemed so close at hand, but still so distant.

Then she saw his instant message pop onto her screen.

Him: So do you want me to call you or should we talk over IM?
Her: whichever you want.

She just wanted to know, yes or no, yes or no, and her heart raced in anticipation of the answer that she knew he had received and was waiting to share.

Him: It’s easier over IM. 🙂
Her: I figured, with calling other people hear too.

Please, just tell me if you got the job or not.

Him: I could use the cell outside.
Her: Just get on with it man!
Him: You sure?
Her: sigh

His teasing was a good sign, even if she wanted to jump through the computer screen and just shake the answer she new was coming out of him.

Him: Blank left a message and made me an offer. We’re meeting later to talk details. Now I wish I had shaved this morning.
Her: lol Yay!
Him: 🙂
Her: sigh

This time it was a sigh of relief, not annoyance.

Him: What do you think: should I accept?
Her: Yes Yes Yes
Him: 🙂 I guess I’ll accept then.
Her: Lets celebrate by going to Disneyland.
Him : 🙂

So that’s it. Jon will begin a new position on April 19th. I’m so happy for him and I look forward to our future with anticipation.

Good things are happening.