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The Pink Bowl

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

It was just a two weeks ago. Eden came out of her bedroom in the middle of the night telling me she didn’t feel well. I asked her if she felt like she was going to throw up and she said yes, so I got her the pink bowl, put a towel over her pillow and after a few uneventful minutes, sent her back to bed. She woke up just fine the next day, but the pink bowl followed her around for a little bit and then just hung out around our house getting dirty and taking up space.

This past Wednesday I finally got around to washing the bowl. It had been haunting our house, then our kitchen and with it’s large, awkward size, it wasn’t fitting into our rather full dishwasher loads, but that’s mostly because I was way behind on dishes. So it was finally washed on Wednesday night, at least a whole week later. Then Eden woke me up at 4 am Thursday morning, saying she didn’t feel well and like she was going to throw up.

Oh, I had heard that before.

So I gave her a drink and a couple crackers, then as she sat at our very full of stuff table, I watch as she got sick. Oh, she was a champ, trying to hold it in, but her mouth just not being big enough so that some exploded out onto the floor, and onto the table of Halloween decorations Lilah had just made that afternoon, luckily only the ghosts was lost. I picked Eden up and brought her to the kitchen sink to finish what had already started, and to rinse her off a little. I then took my poor little girl to the bathroom, so I could clean up the mess, get her some new pajama’s, cover her bed with a towel, and grab the freshly cleaned pink bowl out of the dishwasher, just for her.

And she needed it this time.