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Some Christmas Celebrations

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

So just a mere week or more before Christmas we finally got around to getting our tree up. Life was pretty hectic and I had to get some cleaning done before we would have room for it. (It’s already down because we had guests over for New Years Eve and I wanted the room. Two weeks was time enough for me this year.)


The girls had fun decorating and being silly.




It was Eden’s turn to put the angel up this year.

On the 21st we celebrated the Winter Solstice. Jon chose the wonderful centerpiece we had on our table and even made dinner for us, since the girls and I were at Carolyn’s Christmas work party that afternoon. We enjoyed some yummy food by candle light, then Jon read us some Winter Solstice traditions. I wasn’t feeling my best so I was mostly on the couch. Earlier in the day the girls went shopping for one another, so they exchanged gifts and Jon got to open his Winter Solstice present. I had already received one of my presents, voice lessons, and will continue to receive them, so I didn’t open anything that night.


The centerpiece of evergreen, red, white and some gold pine cones that Jon painted. I think they’re rather cool.


I had a headache and was found on the couch for most of the night.


Lilah got Eden a Barbie and Eden chose a Zhu Zhu pet for Lilah. Now she has a toy hamster and a real one.


Jon decided he wanted a Nook, and that’s what he got.

Christmas Eve we spent with my parents and Carolyn and Derek. We had fun talking and then opening presents. Usually we only open one gift on Christmas Eve, but it seemed fitting to just open all the presents they had there. So we had our parents open the gifts we gave them and we opened what my parents gave us, and the girls, then the girls got to open the present the Svilars gave them, and the gift of pajamas from us. I also opened some pajamas from the girls.


Derek and Carolyn.


Grandpa and Grandma Harvey.


The Blakes.


An owl bag for my mom. (She collects all things owls.)


A nativity plaque for my dad. (He collects all things beavers, but I can never find any, and nativities.)


The girls in their pajamas.

Thanksgiving Pictures!

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

So I kinda forgot I already posted about Thanksgiving, but I only had one picture, so I’m posting more. This post is really for my niece Shauntae, since she’s one of the few people who even comment, and because I know she’ll enjoy seeing the various pictures of her family!

Here’s some photos for your enjoyment Shauntae! 😉


OK, maybe this one is for my enjoyment. (Lilah took this picture.)


But this one is definitely for Shauntae. (Lilah took this picture.)


Annie, the host and one of the cooks. (Lilah took this picture.)


Me with one of my pies and a very silly Lilah. (Eden took this picture.)


Justin and his mini me, Daniel. (His son looks just like him.)


Tasia, her husband Danny and their son. (I can’t remember the toddler’s name, and their daughter Emily was hiding rather then wanting her picture taken. Emily is on Tommy’s lap for the large family photo though.)


Me and Jason.


Me and Dara.


The siblings. (Click to enlarge.)


The family who was there. (Click to enlarge.)


A very silly Lilah. Eden was the photographer for this one.

December Visits

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

December we had the privileged of seeing the Parks early in the month. We only got to see them once or twice while they were down, but it was fun to let the girls play and visit when we could. I think they picked my busiest weekend ever, because I had madrigal dinners to perform at for my choir class and that took up each evening they were in town except Sunday.

We went over on Saturday afternoon to decorate the grandparents tree and let the girls play. Later we also saw Tangled with them, the Kemple kids, Carolyn, and Grandma and Grandpa Harvey. It was a fun, though short visit, and I had fun seeing Andrea and her growing belly. They’re expecting their second Park girl in early April and I can’t wait to see what she’ll look like. I wonder if she’ll fit in with the three amigo’s and look like them also.


Zarina, Lilah and Eden in front of grandparent’s tree.


Lilah age 2 years and Eden aged 2 months. I found this while looking through some old pictures and it amazes me how much I can see Zarina in this picture of Lilah. It also amazes me that they were once this small.

Later in December we were able to met Jon’s newest nephew-in-law, Tim, and visit with his niece, Adriana. Adriana is Kumen’s daughter, or Jon’s second brother.

We all met at Rawlin’s house and we brought the meal for the group to enjoy. It was just a short meal and some games afterwords, but it was fun to visit and spend time with family we rarely see. Adriana, Tim, Lilah, Eden, and I played the longest Uno game ever. We had to shuffle the draw deck five times until we finally decided a person only had to draw one card when they didn’t have one to lay down, rather then draw until you could lay something down. It was crazy.

After the game we took some photos. As I looked through the ones with Tim I realized he’s just a pretty fun and goofy guy.


The semi-newlyweds. They were married in June.


Rawlin and Adriana.


Grandma Blake and Adriana.


Us and Adriana.


The girls with Tim and Adriana.