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Lilah Turns Eight!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

This year Lilah turned eight. I’m still in denial about her being that old, I’m pretty sure she was just a toddler yesterday, but I guess the calendar doesn’t lie.

It was her turn for a low key party or gathering this year. We decided to do some swimming with her friend Britta, have a picnic lunch with some cake, then head home to get ready for the opening night of the play.

Sam’s neighbors are living away from their house, so they asked them if they would watch the pool for them and keep it full and in exchange, they could use it. (They still have a pool person coming by.) They said we could come over and swim, so we did! We also had the picnic lunch in Sam’s backyard. It was a fun a little gathering. Lilah chose bagels with strawberry cream cheese, watermelon, chips and lemonade, since everyone loves lemonade on a hot summer day.

I didn’t get many pictures of us at the pool, or of the day in general, so this is what I have.


A very long Eden on her daddy. (I’m also in denial about her getting so big.)



Matilda, she was just coming back from stealing more grapes.



Lilah was there, and she swam with noodles and stayed closed to the edge of the pool. (Sadly our swim teacher was doing lessons while the play was going, so we missed them this year.)



Britta and Lilah like to stay close to one another.



Like I said before, they stay close to one another.



Cake! We sang to Lilah in the play house, because it was too windy in the yard.



Due to time we came home to open presents.

We also too a quick trip to Pine Valley for Lilah’s birthday. I didn’t take any pictures though. Really, it was the only 24 hours we could get away, and Lilah said she wanted to enjoy the fresh air for her birthday, so we did.

June Highlights

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

June highlights are a little sparse. We were super busy and I was not able to keep very good notes.


“Where’s that damn c?” Then me having the “it’s not polite to use swear words” talk with you.

Making play cities for Sleepy to crawl around in. Not fun for this mama to see the chaos, but fun for you.

Turning eight! I can’t believe how old you are!

Helping to clean on Father’s Day, because it was the one day we were home. “Maybe we should make it a tradition to clean on Father’s and Mother’s Day every year!”

Playing with my zebra tail every.single.night, even though I told you not to.


A little boy from the play befriended you. He always seemed to want to sit by you and I even found you two playing in a little part of the hallway of the theater. You two were suppose to be in the green room.

After you had shots you told me you were able to limp better, since your leg hurt. (You had to limp on and look injured for one scene.) Too cute.

Falling off the 4 foot platform during the last scene of the play with only 2 performances left. You got back up and climbed up the stairs and waited till the scene was over. Everyone was so worried about you, and you were alright, for the most part, but did not like all the attention it got you.


Not wanting me to dye my hair since you love my natural hair color. Looking at me skeptically with my dark hair that had a slightly purple hue to it.

Being so patient while I did the play this year, and every year really. So happy your love language is not gifts, since I really dropped the ball this year on Father’s Day.

Bringing us all flowers on closing night, and then taking the girls home for me so I could go enjoy time with the cast after breakdown.

Trying to be so organized with your super busy wife. Hopefully I can get everything done that is necessary.