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August Highlights

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011


Saying Eden’s Birthday Party was “The best day ever!” Telling me Eden’s cake was “The most beautiful cake ever.”

Calling out the slug bugs in Cars 2 to your daddy.

Deciding to stay and attend your friend’s birthday party, rather than go to Pine Valley. You also had a fun day hiking Ice Box Canyon with Daddy at Red rock.

Attending the County Commissioner meeting with us in an effort to save land across from Red Rock from being developed on.

Bing a good sport when I asked the dentist to pull your loose tooth, that did not want to come out, but was super decayed. It was really bloody and yucky.

Making up reasons why the tooth fairy missed you the first night, waiting for her during the day, even though I told you she never comes during the day.

Being so helpful when we were baking for the bake sale. Telling me cookies would probably be your first thing that you’d bake on your own.

You are our Chatty Cathy. I have to remind you to eat dinner, and talk less.

Using the word “mating” instead of sex while talking about mating, I mean sex.

At FHE I was giving the lesson on family size. I was talking about dating and you gave the comment, “You date, get married and then have sex.” (The mating conversation was the day before, I’m guessing that’s why you said sex. I would have loved it if you had answered using mate.)


Lilah and Daddy were debating about the statistic impossibility that all the M&M’s could be eaten before the nuts in our trail mix. Lilah was talking about the M&M’s shaking to the top and being eaten that way and you started giving input by saying, “My therapy is…”

Calling out the slug bugs in Cars 2 to your mommy.

Going to Pine Valley with me. Giving me cuddles in the morning when I didn’t want to get up just yet.

Always tickling my back and arms, since you know I like that. One day at church I was just leaning forward and you started tickling my back.

Carolyn was tipping you at your bake sale. She asked you if you wanted two quarters or one dollar, you replied one dollar. Then she asked if she should give Lilah two quarters or one dollar, and you said two quarters.

Getting better at Mario Cart, now you’re the obsessed child, though Lilah gladly plays too.

Beading. You were given beads and that’s all you did, so now you want to be an Indian for Halloween, since you have lots of anklets and bracelets.


Being so dedicated to your beard and telling me how many people like it.

Doing the dishes every night after dinner, as long as I have the dishwasher empty for you, or ready for dirty dishes.