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March Highlights

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Catching five ladybugs at the park and making a habitat for them at home. Wanting to catch lots more, but me letting you know that some need to live in the wild and eat the aphids.

Loving ice skating so much. Being happy you persuaded me to skate.

Catching onto skating pretty quickly. You stayed near the wall, but were able to skate on your own, with the help of the wall. Wanting you birthday party to be at the ice skating rink.

Saying how wonderful March began.

Eating a cricket in your lego class. Ick.

Guac-la-mole instead guacamole.

One word: ATTITUDE. This has been a trying month for both you and us. We’re sure it’s you trying to become more independent, but for us it’s you giving us attitude.

Telling me how cleaning out the toy shelf and folding clothes are your two least favorite things to do. Not sure if you just happen to say this, or if you somehow saw my Facebook status stating how the two things I dislike to do as a mother is have you fold cloths and clean your toy shelves.

Obsessing over bugs and bug habitats all month long. Wanting to catch and keep everything you catch.

Playing your April Fools joke on March 31st. (You rearranged food in our refrigerator.)

Not wanting me to leave you while you were learning to skate. (You had the skater helper, which basically acts like a walker, for ice skating.) Then I slowly had you try on your own and you started out pretty slow, but quickly got much better. By the end you were going pretty fast with the walker/ skater helper and did not want any help.

Not wanting to cuddle in the morning for longer than 2 minutes. You love to cuddle during the day, but I think I programmed you to not like morning cuddles in my bed because it’s how I would get you to go back to sleep when you younger.

Commenting that all your favorite toys were going missing and soon you would have nothing to play with. (Your toys shelf was still overflowing with toys.)

During your spelling test. Me:”Grind. I need to grind flour when we are done with school. Grind.” You: “Can we have pancakes for dinner!?”

Your fortune cookie: Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.

I asked if you’d like to see Shrek the Musical, or Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for your first Broadway play, since I’m taking Lilah to see Mary Poppins, and you said, “Why not Wicked?” I’m thinking my Wicked obsession might have affected you and Lilah, because she joined in that she’d like to see Wicked also. 🙂

Eating two crickets in the girl’s lego class. Double ick.

The conversation went something like this.
Me: Eden tickle your daddy.
Jon: Don’t tickle me I’m reading a book. Tickle Mommy.
Me: It’s not nice to tickle people.
Jon: Then why are you so mean to our children?

Grabbing my butt and then I asked you if you had greasy fingers. (We had just eaten grilled cheese for lunch.) You looked at your hand and said, “Well, not anymore.”

Christmas in….March?

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Since I’m finally at my computer and editing pictures, I thought I’d edit some from Christmastime.












Locks of Love

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

In February Lilah was able to finally cut off her hair for Locks of Love.
I was wanting her to wait till her horse back riding lessons were over with, but she kept insisting and insisting for her hair to be cut off because it was such a pain to comb out and always I finally made an appointment and had her hair cut.
Lilah loves having her hair short, and I admit, it’s much easier to just comb and go in the morning. This is the first time she’s had bangs and they’re already needing a trim. (I don’t like bangs because of the constant need to trim. Not sure why I have them either.)

She was able to cut off just under 12 inches, or just about. I braided the hair to help keep it together better.






Happy Anniversary.

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Jon and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary last month. Of course I posted something on Facebook, but neglected my blog.

So far we’ve had a little celebration each month. In January we went to The Brad Paisley concert and went out to eat with my sister Carolyn and her husband Derek. Derek got Carolyn Brad Paisley tickets for Christmas, and I decided that’s what I really wanted for Christmas. (Jon had planned on me getting a massage and having a spa day or morning.) Since we were buying tickets just a month before the concert, they were a little more pricey, so we decided that they would be a part Christmas and a part Anniversary present. So now I plan on doing something each month this year to celebrate our ten years together.

The Brad Paisley concert was wonderful. My favorite part was hearing “Whiskey Lullaby” with the lead singer from The Band Perry singing the female part. Whiskey Lullaby is one of my favorite songs, it’s sad, but I love the music. Brad put on an awesome show and it was worth every penny.


Carolyn and Derek.


I received compliments on my hair by our waitress and by two women behind me as we were leaving the concert. The first started touching my hair and was amazed at how it wasn’t moving. (I admit I have to use a lot of hair spray to get it to stay this way.)

For our actual anniversary, Jon took the day off. This is the first time he’s taken our anniversary day off. He also had two dozen purple and lavender roses delivered. I wanted him to go to the park with the girls and I, but he said he had to stay home, and that’s when my gourmet caramels from Fran’s came. I think it was good that he was home, because I only expect roses on our anniversary, and wouldn’t have known to stay home. We enjoyed a fun meal at home and just had extra time together.


My roses and chocolate.

Saturday night was when we went out to celebrate our anniversary with time away from the girls. We decided to keep it costs moderate and ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. We then had my rings inspected, it was that time of the year again, and figured out our current ring sizes. I told Jon I wanted to have him pick out a wedding ring, and he was very hesitant. Once at the store he liked looking at the rings there, but wasn’t sure. Once home, and armed with his size he went on-line and picked out a ring and ordered it. He was pretty happy with himself. The ring came on the 29th and I placed it on his ring finger as I jokingly asked him to marry me again. He really loves it, and it was nice to see him get so excited over it, especially since I first had to coerce him into getting one.


Us once more, but isn’t Jon so cute?

I’m so grateful for Jonathan and the happiness we’ve found. I’ve been in an especially lovey and silly mood lately, and he puts up with it with a smile. I feel like I really have so much joy in my life because of my wonderful husband and two wonderful daughters.

Thank you for ten wonderful years together Jon. I truly love you more today than the day we were married.

February highlights.

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Being so excited for Valentine’s Day.

Building a gigantic boat/fort in your bedroom out of sheets.

Waking up early and preparing Valentine’s. It was five days before that made it even better.

Letting another girl scout take a cookie order because she had more cookies to sell.

Picking out clams in garlic butter sauce for Valentine’s Day

Making a model clam habitat from the clam shells.

Cutting off over eleven, close to twelve, inches of hair! Combing your hair constantly for the first three or so days and commenting on how knot free it now was.

Reading the Reader’s Digest.

Asking if Daddy will get me three dozen roses for an anniversary in the future.

Not letting me convince you to stay little forever.

Sitting in a chair the entire brownie cookie booth.

Playing your recorder for Poppy. It would calm her down for a little bit and help her stop fussing.

Practicing your recorder randomly during the day.

Not wanting to deliver the last box of girl scout cookies we had left. You pouted for half an hour at park day, until I had you hand a pen for her to write a check.

Doing dishes the week I was busy delivering Girl Scout Cookies with the girls during the day, and being gone at dance lessons or girl scouts at night.

Kissing me and telling me I had a “Kiss me look.” I tried to recreate it very unsuccessfully.

Me: “We have two silly girls.”
Jon: ” No, you have two silly girls. I have three silly girls.”

Having two dozen lavender and purple roses delivered for our anniversary, and delicious hand-dipped caramels with sea salt. I loved having you home from work also.

Being very on the fence about buying you a new wedding ring. Then choosing your own ring once we knew your size and being so excited when it came in the mail.

Having me place the new wedding ring on your finger.