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June Highlights

Sunday, July 1st, 2012


Going to Sonic for half price smoothies on June 20th, the Summer Soltice.

Being obsessed with feet. You’re writing a story about feet and you like to play with Eden’s feet like they are a pet. Pretty strange. and even stranger is she lets you.

Making fun pancake shapes for dinner. I got distracted talking to Carolyn and you made a flower, a ladybug, and letters for everyone in our family.

Being sick the day of your party, then on your birthday. Staying sick for five days.

Starting a collection of pins for your backpack. Being so happy at Zion when someone noticed all your junior ranger badges and mentioned that you had been to lots of places.

Being excited for our tradition of getting a treat at the grocery store in Alamo, NV, on our way home from Ely.


I showed you a picture of an older sister changing the diaper of her new baby sister. I asked you who would change the babies diapers if we had a new baby. You replied in your straight face that is nor very happy, “Me and Lilah.” I told you you wouldn’t have to change all the diapers. 🙂
Then I told you if we had a new baby you’d have to share cuddles and maybe you could cuddle the baby. You were not very happy with this either and told me you would not be sharing cuddles with the baby. (We are not having a baby, but this obsession goes back to me being bipolar and seeing cute pictures of big sisters with a new baby. )

Your two front teeth are so loose, but have not fallen out. You’re pretty much waiting for the dentist to pull them for you I think.

You were bored and wanting to watch TV. I was trying to wean you and your sister off since she had been sick, I told you to go draw with the dry erase board. You did draw, but you mostly talked to yourself and created your own world with the markers.

Letting me pull your tooth. It was so loose for so long. We were lucky that the Tooth Fairy found you in Ely.

I said you could be a hobo with your toothless smile. You asked what a hobo was.

I bought a new dress and mentioned how I just needed some white sandals. you replied, “What? Out of all the shoes you have you don’t have any white sandals?”

Teaching the girls how to load the dirty dishes for the dishwasher.

I said when we retire we should move into one of those adult communities. You replied, “That’s one thing labeled “adult” that I’m not interested in.”

Introducing a Summer Solstice Celebration. We made yummy cheese stuffed hamburgers and enjoyed a very summer-foods dinner.

Changing our clock to military time and Celsius for the temperature.

Driving with Lilah, Eden and Britta to Zion, so I could ride with Sam.