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September Highlights

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

I was terrible at making notes for the month of September. :-/


Wicked! I was probably the most excited to go to Wicked, but it was so. much. fun.


Winning the Wicked Ticket Lottery! We were able to purchase two front row seats at a very low price.

“This potato is hot, like thermal hot.”

You are the messiest eater. It’s not that you get it on your face, though you do, but you get it all over the place, and around your plate, and on the floor.

Wanting to be a ring wraith then Sauron for Halloween. I still have no idea how this is going to work.

“This cello thing just happened so fast.” Commenting on how we had you choose an instrument to play, and then began lessons only a month or so later. Apparently you expected a couple more months or years, to really decide. (You are playing really well, and have taken to it nicely, even if our practices are sometimes difficult.)

Glitch. Oh my. You are addicted. You planned a huge party for the night I would be at Wicked with your grandma and aunts. You all three got to play and have a party in this imaginary world.


Glinda totally waved to you at bows for Wicked. Being a cute little girl in the front row, you get noticed, too bad you didn’t see.

Lilah: “Eden are you practicing your recorder?”
Eden then blows a note from her recorder.

Me dictating your spelling word: “Forty. Someday you will be forty years old. Forty. ”
Eden: “You’ll be forty years old in eleven years. ”

Deciding between being Dorothy or a ladybug for Halloween. I think you really just want the red sparkley shoes, but even when I offered to let you wear them for the ladybug costume, you decided on Dorothy.

Having speech for Eden twice a week and cello for Lilah has really improved our school schedule. We are doing a lot, but in a very workable way. Go us!


Wanting to update your look. Looking on-line for styles you like.

Passing a kidney stone and barely blinking an eye. You apparently have it very easy.