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House Tour!

Friday, January 11th, 2013

I just realized I’ve yet to post anything of Christmas or our holidays, but people have been wondering about my house. I only have “before” pictures and then a video of the after, but after our move with all our boxes. I’ll have to take some after pictures once we settle in. I was only going to post the video, but I think to appreciate the video fully, you have to see all the work we did to change this place. This post is dedicated to Shauntae, because she’s the only one who comments, and I know she’ll see and enjoy it. 🙂


Living room


A view of our stairs from the living room.


The view from the living room looking into the dining room.


The view from the dining room looking into the kitchen.


The kitchen, and an Eden who was running around.


Wall in family room. (Our desk is on this wall in the video.)


The fireplace.


The back door in the family room. Only half the blinds are there. That’s not us, not closing the window.


The “bar” and hallway.


The downstairs bathroom.


The parrot window above the front door. We felt like we were taking down their like family flag or symbol when we removed it.

A better picture of the parrot window. At night, this thing shined so bright when the entry light was on.


A view looking upstairs from the front door.


Hallway to the sewing and library.




Library closet and door to hallway.


Sewing room


Girls’ room. It was OK for a kids room, but not what they wanted.


Girls’ room


Hallway leading to master bedroom.

We haven’t done anything to the master bedroom. I’m waiting to paint and change it till we get some sort of style going for it. I’m not much of a decorator, or I haven’t had much space to decorate, so we didn’t spend lots of money on furniture in the old house. We were kinda poor for a while, while we were having to buy our furniture.

Here’s the video tour of the house and it’s many changes. We re-floored the entire house, and have painted most of it. It was lots of work, but transformed it and was totally worth it.

I have been making my bed each day, and am trying to close all the shelves and drawers. 🙂

December Highlights

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013


Antiperspirant shopping. Deodorant did not work for you, so we gave up on it and have been using daily showers and apple cider vinegar to help with underarm smell. It helped, but if you sweat, you smell. We were avoiding antiperspirant because of the aluminum, but it became inevitable and seems to be helping. You’re going through this a little earlier, and stronger, than other girls, but I hope we’re able to find solutions to help so you can feel comfortable. You had fun choosing a scent.

Performing with the orchestra for your first time. You were squished on stage, but did well. The cello is so big compared to my little, but big, Lilah.

Saying we’ll need to get some good Christmas lights for next year because our new neighborhood has some nice light displays.

After watching a two year old all morning so I could paint with the assistance of a friend: “I am not ready to be a mother. It’s a hard job chasing a little kid around for three or eight hours a day. Maybe in nine years I’ll be ready to have a kid.” I asked that you wait longer than nine years.

Telling me you can be as bad as you want from December 26 till the new year because it’s after Christmas, but it counts for this year.

Painting your room. You were finally happy to be at the house, at least for that small period of time.

I’ve decided your new nickname should be “Grumpy Bum”

Letting everyone else play the Nintendo 3DS on Christmas day, you were very thoughtful and kind.

You screamed when a small spider was crawling on you while we were packing, which caused me to scream.


Performing with only one other recorder student again. You did wonderfully.

Enjoying all my quick fixing meals that I don’t buy because they contain MSG and white flour. You tried to tell me we should eat them like once a week, that’s eating them in moderation.

Not doing your school work while at the house because you were just too distracted by entertaining yourself.

You tell me you love me more than I love you. I don’t think so.

The first thing out of your mouth after you opened the Nintendo 3DS, “Britta is going to be so jealous.”

Being my cuddle bug.

I was sending Lilah to bed early, because she has been complaining about not getting enough sleep. I was going to send you to bed at the same time, to be fair, but then you argued that you get up early on your own, or do not complain, so you should be able to stay up to the normal bedtime. I agreed.


Once we officially closed on our second home, you were like, “What the crap are we doing?” other quotes of the night. “We now have a vacation home on the North East side of town. I’d rather it be in the woods.”

Making me laugh late at night, then when I tell you it’s easy to make me laugh late at night, you tell me you’re actually funny and I’m really a hard audience.

Dealing with my mental breakdown with the water not being turned on and then the valve being broken.

Playing the Lord of the Rings Lego game on the girls’ gift.

Meeting our new neighbors and getting to know them before me. Telling me it must be your beard that makes you more approachable.

Not feeling your best over the break, but still working hard on the house.