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April Highlights

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Being excited to go to Legoland with the girl scout troop. You’re so oblivious to time and dates though.
You: “We leave on Tuesday right?”
Me:” No you leave on Friday.”
You were wondering why you couldn’t leave in the middle of the week.

I was needing to finish some a forms for your Legoland trip, and decided to use rush hour traffic to my advantage.
Me: Girls tell me when the light turns green.
Them: It’s green!
Eden: Good thing you have kids. We are good for something.
Lilah: If she didn’t have kids she wouldn’t need to fill out paperwork.

You would not want your mom to go on the next girl scout trip.

You left a note for us to find while you were on your Legoland trip. It mentioned what you were doing  and looking at that very moment, and it reminded us to to “NOT sit on the couch naked.”

We had to restart a cross-stitch you began in achievement days. You did not believe me when I said you needed two threads, and not just one, because you’re leader had you start with one. Once started correctly, we worked well together. I bossed you around, and you had to listen.

You enjoyed pointing the needle so it would annoy my eyes.

You are advancing in cello so wonderfully. I need to compliment you, as well as give constructive criticism. I feel like all you want are compliments though.


You switched my frosted mini wheats with the regular mini wheats for April Fools. (Switching cereal seems to be the thing to do here.) I ate Life cereal instead.

You accidentally left the portion of money you were in charge of at the hotel, in your regular backpack. You were fine, and didn’t worry at all. (Autumn had the other half of your money for you.) Autumn thought you were the ideal girl to have “lost” her money because most of the others would have been a little more difficult.

You volunteered to have your mom go on the next girl scout trip.

You have been extra  cuddly lately. Like 3-6 times a day you stand next to me wanting to cuddle. You said you got your desire to cuddle from me, since I cuddled with my mom a lot. Many a times I have to give you a hug for a little bit, then send you off, because you’re a little too cuddly for me.

You leave messes all around you after you do something, like eat graham crackers, or open all the gum you just bought. I think you somewhat get this from me. It drives me bonkers.


Making me change my flat tire, so I would know what to do if I was unable to call you or AAA. It made me really wish I had just called AAA. I still needed your help, so chances are I’d be in trouble anyways.

Pointing out there was a national sport championship going on, but we’re so not into sports we didn’t watch, or know anything about it.

Enjoying a “Call the Midwife” marathon with me the Sunday the girls were due back form Legoland. I wasn’t feeling well. We watched all six episodes of the first season, saw the first episode of the second season on-line, and caught the third episode of season two on TV. I feel a little ashamed that we watched so much in one day, but I wasn’t feeling well.

Shaving your beard.  I’m torn because I think it makes you look even more handsome, but I can’t stand to kiss you when you have one.

Buying a hammer for Eden, Lilah already had one, and safety glasses for both to practice hammering nails. They’re going to help build the club house.