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June Highlights

Monday, July 1st, 2013


Loving the shopping spree you went on for Girl Scouts. You totally want to shop at “Justice” now. Not sure I’m loving your new name brand desire.

We were watching a car commercial and they mentioned it was for a 2014 model. You said, “Don’t they know it’s 2013,” in a very matter of fact/ “duh” tone. We don’t watch many commercials in this house.

You connected right away with your second cousin Bryn. You hardly noticed me all day on Saturday.

Loving girl scout camp. You did not put any sunscreen on, so you had a red nose and cheeks, and very messy hair.

My very affectionate child.

Rosie’s magic pool. You did awesome at swimming lessons this year.


You decided to not go on the Girl Scout shopping spree. You’re not in the troop officially, and so you can decide what to spend your money on since we transfer it in. You wanted to buy toys, and not clothes, but it was a specific budgeting activity. I think you were a little jealous after it was all said and done, and have said you enjoy clothes shopping for yourself.

You were sad we would be staying with family, and not a hotel, but once meeting the family, you said it was all worth it, and that it was the best kind of vacation.

“It’s great staying with family, you don’t have to pay for the go-gurt you eat.”

You were telling scary stories to Zarina, the first couple were fine, but in the third one you made her sister a werewolf. She got super scared, and slept with Andrea that night.

Turning 10!

You loved girl scout camp, and took about 200 pictures, mostly of trees.

While combing your hair you fell down our stairs. It was scary to see your legs, then your terrified face as you tumbled down. You were not hurt, and we laughed about it later that day.


Big choices. You are very supportive of me and my desires, even if I change my mind  often.

You stayed at the hiking spot while I took Andrea and three girls back to the house.

Taking care of your parents. I’m relieved your the one taking them to their doctor’s, and not me.


“I never had to break into my house before, that’s silly.” When we had to put her through the open window, because Andrea had locked her keys in her trunk.