New habits

Well I’m trying to get into new cleaning habits. It really bites.
I’m trying to keep the kitchen and dinning room table neat for one thing. I figure as long as the sink is emptied once a day then I’m doing good. (I haven’t gotten to it today, but that’s because I was cleaning the bathroom sinks and toilets.) I’m also trying to have the kitchen tabled cleared off once a day. These are two of my worst areas (besides the computer desk). The table seems to get piled up with stuff and it just stays there. I hate doing dishes because an hour later there’s always more. Well see. I do most of my cleaning in the morning while Eden naps and only Lilah is awake. I figure give some time to the girls and then take some for me to do things around the house.
I’m hoping to also get rid of things we don’t need and find space for the things we want to keep. We have tons of memorabilia that we need to go through. I’m hoping to maybe organize some pictures and put things into binders so it will make space in the closets. (we don’t have shelf space, but we can buy a new bookcase… it’s where to put it) I’m also hoping to get all sorts of sewing done and all the other little things that have to get done.
There’s a lot. I hope to take it a little at a time and make habits of keeping things clean, then my house will be less chaotic and welcome to people anytime…their may be toys across the living room and maybe some dishes in the sink…but that’s life. I’m hoping it will be easier to keep the house clean once I make it through the whole house. Little by little it will be more of a habit to do daily cleaning, rather then weekly, or even monthly. Sure I’ll have do do major a moping of the living room and dining room, but if I keep it swept and I wipe the floors down that will be easier and if I vacuum the rooms regularly, including the living room rug. Eden doesn’t like the vacuum and neither does Lilah, so it can be tricky to find time.
Just one day at a time, and one space. If I organize one space and keep it clean, then I can stay organized.
Jon had the idea of doing ten minute clean ups daily. Set the timer and just put things away. It’s amazing how much you can get done.
We’ll have to start the up again. 🙂

2 Responses to “New habits”

  1. Amber Says:

    Here is my cleaning plan…

    Also I find setting a timer is good. Another motivator is inviting people over.

  2. andrea Says:

    It’s just us and the dog but, at the end of the day we are too tired to do much. On Monday night I was able to successfully put away the clothes that have been sitting (folded) in a laundry basket in my closet for the last few months (that would be since I got married and moved all my clothes in).
    I think we are just as cramped in our one bedroom as your family is. I thought about trying the timer technique but, I have procrastinated. By the way, I think that leaving things on the counters and kitchen table is hereditary, let me know if you can break the cycle. (I love you!)