Other news

Eden now has three teeth, though the forth may have broken in this morning I just haven’t checked. Her top left front tooth has come in, and been there for about a week. She’s not a very grumpy baby when she’s teething. She takes after Lilah, it was only the first one that ever bothered Lilah. Eden has never been too bothered by any of the teething yet. Maybe a little more needy, but she’s still pretty much herself and happy. She’s continue to grows and gets bigger everyday.

Lilah has less than a month before she’s three. I can’t believe I have nearly have a three year old. It makes me a little sad, but happy. She tons of fun and a great sister.

Andrea also has less than a month before her and Brien move to Ely, Nevada. I’m so sad. I’m really going to miss them and we’ll try to visit, but we’re not much for traveling except family reunions. We have one in August in Delta Utah so we’re thinking we may come back through Ely and see them and visit the Great Basin Nation Park since it’s only an hour away. I love them both so much, and the girls adore them, so I’ll be sad. Plus we’re losing some babysitters.;)

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  1. andrea Says:

    The one time I don’t save my text is the first time I have problems and lose the post. Let’s see if I can say the same thing a second time.

    You think you’re going to be lonely, I’m the one moving to the middle of nowhere. We were discussing whether we should get phone cards so our family doesn’t have an excuse not to call us. We will have to do better on keeping in touch as well. I love you and will miss you when I am gone.