Lets see how busy we can be.

Saturday was a pretty busy day. It wasn’t that busy but it was still a lot for a Saturday for our little family.

Lilah had a primary activity that morning. I was kinda slow at getting ready so we were a little late. They were playing water games. Lilah hurt her fingers while they did a giant water balloon toss, as in it was a giant water balloon getting tossed over a net and being caught by the kids holding nets. Her and the other little kids played for a while and then decided it was too much so they came over and squeezed water from sponges into a bucket.

Then they did a game with passing the soaked filled sponges down the row to fill the bucket. Poor Lilah got soaked and was freezing since they were in the shade. She came to get warm before the game was over because she was shivering and not having much fun, even though had she been warm I’m sure it would have been fun.

Britta saved Lilah a seat by her so they ate lunch together. It was a fun morning. I stayed at the activity because I just hate to leave her there for some reason. I know she’d be fine and get by without me, but I just like staying and watching and helping if I can.

We came home and I tried to get Eden down early for her nap, but she still fell asleep around 2. I put on a movie for Lilah and Jon went grocery shopping. Right after I put on a movie the girl from across the street, or Jessica, came over. They’ve been playing together a lot and even though I tried to say now wasn’t a good time it was too hard to say no and I let her in. (She’ll just stand there and wait sometimes.) Shortly after her older brother, around 7 or 8, came by and they started playing with the blocks and different toys. They stayed pretty quiet because I asked them to since Eden was asleep, but poor Lilah couldn’t hear her movie and she just wasn’t interested in playing. Jessica kept asking when Eden was gonna wake up so I had to keep telling her that it would be a while and once Eden woke up we would be leaving anyways.

Eventually the brother left and then Jessica.

We got ready for our date and woke Eden up so we could take the girls to a BBQ and leave them with Carolyn to be babysat.

We got there, said hello, ate and then left to see Iron Man. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna like it, but mostly because I couldn’t see Robert Downy Jr. as a super hero, but I loved Iron Man and highly recommend it. Just make sure to stay till the very end of the credits.

We stopped off at Coldstone on the way back to my parents, where Carolyn had taken my girls, and then chatted with family and got the girls.

Funny things about the BBQ.

It was a work BBQ for Carolyn and families were invited. My mom went because she was invited since she’s worked there as a receptionist for Carolyn’s part of the office. We were invited because the women at the front desk love my girls. They had a jumper or bouncy thing and there had been some older boys and kids playing in it for a while. They were being quite rough and the girls and other little kids had wanted in. Carolyn told them to get out so some little kids could go in and so they got out and then got their parents. She told the parents that they boys were being too rough and had been in for a long time and needed to get out so some little kids could play in it. I just love Carolyn because I don’t know if I could have done that.

The girls were also given suckers as they were leaving the BBQ. Lilah had eaten hers and was blowing air through the stick. I guess Eden asked what she was doing or what it was and Lilah told her it was a whistle. Eden said she was smoking hers. Lilah told her it’s not nice to smoke but Eden insisted that she was smoking her sucker stick. I’m not sure where she got that idea.

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  1. nice niece Says:

    I never leave my boys alone at Primary activities either. Especially after being in the Primary President…I know how easy it is to misplace a child.

    I’ve heard so much about Iron Man, I NEED to see it!