Jack Jack gets attacked.

I’m watching Jack.

Jack is my BIL Brien’s Jack Russell. Andrea and Brien are at a dentist appointment and wanting to leave town afterwards so I’m watching him. He’s a great dog and actually very patient with kids, even though he doesn’t always play with them since they can’t throw far or play tug a war.

Lilah played with him Saturday night and he seemed to enjoy it and she was more fearless. She actually would pick up the ball from him instead of waiting for us to get it for her.

Well, I played a little outside with Jack, but I can’t do tug a war so I’ve left him to the girls. Eden’s following him around and playing with his tail. I really can’t believe how patient he is with the girls and he hasn’t nipped at them once.

Lilah’s tried to play fetch with him today, but he only has his rope and our yard is smaller so she can’t throw as far for fear of throwing it over the fence.  I’m surprised he hasn’t nipped at her because he will at adults who try to take the rope. He just seems to understand that they’re kids and not to nip them.

He’s actually a pretty low key Jack Russell. He still has lots of energy and runs around, but he’s not as hyper as most.

I would also have Zarina except my shoulder doesn’t allow me right now, so I’m a little bummed. Luckily they’ll have to visit and play with Jack to get some of his energy out for the trip home.

She is so cute and chubby. She’s almost as cute as my girls were, and she behaves just as well. 😉
I’m sad that she’s far away, but always happy to see her and her parents when we can.


Eden loves Jack, but she’s still to little for his taste of playmates.

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