2 holes = 1 Bathroom

On Thursday I broke our toilet tank. How you ask….very carefully. The toilet was running so I jiggled the handle…it kept running, so I then took up the lid to see what was the matter…not that I could really tell but I figured if I jiggled stuff around maybe it would stop. Well while jiggling stuff the lid slipped into the tank and broke a hole into the bottom of the tank….water started gushing out the bottom and water kept coming in through teh hose on top. Jon got the water turned off, I grabbed towels and he started scooping water from the tank to the sink with a container that use to hold my cotton balls.

Flash forward to Yesterday. We figured maybe we could just buy a tank to go with the toilet. Jon went and bought one. The problem being they didn’t have any 10 inch rough in toilet tanks. Our house of course is weird and not the standard twelve inch rough in for the sewer line. Anyways it didn’t fit so he took it back and asked about getting a ten inched ordered. The people mentioned how he should get a toilet too, because they’re not really interchangeable. So now we need a whole new toilet for me dropping the lid into the tank. We think the tank porcelain had been weakened though. The blue toilet cleaner drop in things for keeping the bowl clean, or rather the water is blue as to disguise a dirty bowl, they’re bad for the tank and the porcelain had a blue stain clear through it. When we had the plumber over to work on the toilets she mentioned how they were horrible for the toilets and sewer and to never use them. They were in from the previous owner. Anyways. Jonathan decided he would remove the toilet so as to be prepared for getting a new one. So now we have no toilet in the master bath. Our first hole. (I’ve covered it with a bag, so as to not see the ugly hole, but you can still hear the sewer gargle at times…gross.)

Our second hole is in the guest bathroom. It’s the wall of the shower…our project of drying out the frame and wood behind the shower wall. We just haven’t figured out how were going to fix it. (We basically know what we need to do it’s a matter of getting the materials and doing it, and doing it correctly at that.) This is really our first hole… it’s been there since January or so.

So we have a working toilet in the guest bathroom but no shower and we have no toilet in the master bath with a shower. It’s a crazy house. I guess it’s good that we have two bathrooms, is just that we have never had two fully fucntional bathrooms since we’ve moved in.

We may have to put new linoleum down in the master bath because when Jon took the toilet off some of the caulking was still there (it had seeped under the toilet) and there are now some tears in the linoleum and it was lifted a little of the floor. We were planning on doing this in the guest bathroom, but not the master. So our remodeling is coming a little sooner than expected and in a different bathroom than expected. We’ll see where life takes us on this.

They say remodeling bathrooms is where people get the highest return for their money. I mean it’s the grossest place in the house so if you spend a couple thousand putting new stuff in, your home price can go up a few thousand and people will like the bathrooms more and be more likely to feel comfortable with the house and buying it. When you remodel other rooms, even the kitchen, you usually just break even with what you put in and how much it helps your equity.

Anyhow….The home owning adventure continues.

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  1. Amber Says:

    Holy sucky!! I’m sorry. But at least you’re learning right?? We were told not to use the blue tablets either when we did our walk through on our house.