Crazy Morning

Sunday was a crazy morning. I had Lilah’s birthday party on Saturday, blog post to come, and a lesson to prepare for Sunday. Laundry hadn’t been done due to my shoulder and so we washed whites that morning. I had to wait for my garment top but once  dry I was able to get dressed and I focused my energy on getting the girls out the door. Then I realized it.

I didn’t have a bra on.

I almost went to church not wearing a bra.

I’m sure it’s easier to overlook this when you’re small like me but I did notice a difference in the way my dress hung and that prompted the bra check.  My wonderful husband, the irreverent man that he is, thought it would be “awesome”. Silly men.

3 Responses to “Crazy Morning”

  1. Jonathan Blake Says:

    Awesome in the sense that it would have been très liberated of you. 😉

  2. andrea Says:

    I think being bra-less at church would border on sacriligious.

  3. nice niece Says:

    ha ha ha 😆 That’s too funny!