Two tanks later

So we decided we didn’t need to replace the linoleum. Thank goodness. Jon bought the toilet, he had to drive to a far away home improvement store because the one near us didn’t have the correct kind of toilet. When he bought the toilet the guy at the store said the tank we had would fit, but Jon was skeptical and for good reason. It’s didn’t fit. We had to return the tank to get a compact one that would go with a ten inch rough in toilet. We installed it and it appears to have a leak at the the seal where the valve goes into the toilet. Not the valve but the plug around it. Anyways now we need to return a second tank. Hopefully the third will work. With having one toilet Jon has appreciated having two, especially with a little girl who likes to spend forever on the toilet, when you get her to use it. So the hole in the floor is covered, but we don’t have two working toilets yet.
I admit I do like having new toilets. Their’s something nice knowing who has used them, it makes cleaning them a little less disgusting.

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