What I smell?

After the girls went to bed the other night Jon decided to have the last piece of birthday cake. (It was a little dry so I was OK with him eating it.) Lilah came out and used the bathroom. I helped her and then gave Jon a vocal warning of “Here comes Lilah for her hug Daddy.” So he placed the cake on the table as to have it out of sight, but it was not enough to evade the Lilah senses. She gave Jon and hug and then asked for a cookie. We said we didn’t have any cookies, so she asked what Daddy was eating. We said he wasn’t eating anything. (I know it was a lie but you can’t tell a two year old we’re having cake without you.) So as I took her to the bedroom she asked “What I smell?” refereeing to Jon’s chocolate cake breath. We just laughed once she was down.
It’s amazing the sense of smell she has and that she connects the scent to certain foods. I had a piece of beef jerky as they were napping but she got up and when I put her down again she asked for beef jerky. If she smells something on my breath she’ll want to look into my mouth to see what I have.
This is just a warning. Children have a great sense of smell when it comes to treats. They also have a great ear. They hear the bag opening and they come running to see what you’re eating.

One Response to “What I smell?”

  1. andrea Says:

    Jack has a similar behavior. When we are at the kitchen counter he will make a funny little growly/whine because he wants what we have up there. Oh, and he loves peanut butter, when I make a sandwich he is by my side the whole time and sits in front of me when I eat it. If Jack smells something good on your breath he will start sniffing and put his nose as close to your mouth as you allow. So maybe “when Lilah was a dog” she would sniff people’s breath. ;o)