New position

Jon will be moving job positions. He’s decided to take a position where he’ll be on a team of employees that are implementing a new computer system for the university.  One of the people decided they didn’t want to be apart of it for personal reasons and he was the next best person.

It has it’s pros and cons. One is more money, but he will probably be putting in more hours around deadlines too. He’ll be in a cubicle still, rather than the office he was going to be getting this summer.

It’s also guaranteed for only two years and nothing after that, but as President Ashley stated in a budget meeting discussing the budget cuts last week even some professionals might be getting pink slips at the end of June stating their contracts won’t be renewed next year and his position won’t be needed after the system is implemented. So now, at least he’ll know the system and hopefully they will keep those who’ve implemented the computer system.

This will change the course of his masters a little. I just want him to get his masters so the next couple years are going to be hard, and hopefully he won’t be too grumpy of a husband and dad with all the added presure.

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