What I’ve been up to and what is the smell in my house?

Saturday was a little busy. We went to help Jon’s parents house to move their washing machine. It’s broken and broken not because of age but because the floor under it was so unstable and the washing machine had broken beyond repair. They now have to have the floor torn up and the joists fixed and hopefully it won’t kill the new washing machine as quickly. I think this one was like 6 or 7 years old.

Jon also helped clean out the shed out front.  While he did this I ran errands for us and my MIL. I had to get stuff at Trader Joe’s and Costco, and she needed things at Costco so I took Eden, while Lilah stayed and played with her cousins that were in from Arizona, and got us what we needed and what my MIL needed. Her medication makes the heat very unbearable for her and Costco is only open to the public at very hot times.

Sunday Lilah gave a talk in Primary. I’ll have to post it later. Then we had FHE with my family at my parents.

Monday we went to the library to get the Summer reading info. I really just do it for the free Lied Discovery passes for the girls and they enjoy it. We read so much that it’s not because we need motivation.

Tuesday I did a few loads of laundry and cleaned my floors. It’s been over a month since I couldn’t mop and it felt so nice to clean them. Hopefully it will keep the girls feet a little cleaner. Their feet would be so dirty without even leaving the house. We also went to a play called Honk that our friends the Lee’s are in. It was a play/ musical based on the Ugly Duckling. It was really cute and  the girls enjoyed all 2 hours of it.

Today Jon had skin removed and sutured. I’ve also been to the library to get a book for him, to Target and to Smiths.

I haven’t done dishes and my house smells weird. Jon made his beans yesterday, he boils beans for his lunch and adds salsa and cottage cheese to them, and whenever he makes beans the house smells weird. I think it’s the having the water poured down the sink that keeps the scent around if I don’t clean it out. I guess I should do dishes since we have no spoons and only 2 plates. I would buy plastic, but now that I’m better I can do the dishes. If anything I should have bought plastic while Jon was having to do the dishes. Poor guy was never ever able to get ahead and there were always dishes in the sink for him to do.

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