I’ve taught three Gospel Essential lessons since being put in a month or so ago.

My first lesson was on the Holy Ghost. It went OK. We had some good discussion and some not so good, very off the topic, discussion. I actually ended early because a woman was going on about things that weren’t bad, but they were not about the Holy Ghost and I wanted to try to ended before everyone forgot what we were discussing in the first place.

It can be hard to get back on topic in any class when someone decides to go on a rant or rambling. It’s especially hard in Gospel Essentials because a you don’t want to offend someone who is investigating or just coming back or anyone at all, but you don’t want to let the class discuss off the subject topics that are not enriching. There are times that I feel it’s fine to discuss what is brought up, but other times it’s hard when an individual goes on about things that are important to them, but not important to any gospel topic. I think this is what I like least about teaching this class.

The next lesson, or last week, went OK too. I was a little nervous since I didn’t know the material. I had only read the lesson a few times during the week and prepared it Saturday night, after Lilah’s party. I hate preparing lessons on Saturday. I have so little time to revise and read over it, but I was too distracted with the birthday party and I hate preparing it too early, because it’s often not any more helpful than waiting last minute because I prepared it so far in advance I don’t remember it anyways.

Today was my third time teaching, I was prepared and things went smoothly. I ended a few minutes early, but it was because I had nothing else to discuss or say. I go with the philosophy that it’s better to end when you’re out of material rather than ramble on to take up time.

I’m happy to have a break from teaching. I taught since it was the fifth Sunday and Amy, the other teacher, taught an extra week  to get us on schedule. (I teach the second and forth Sunday, she teaches the first and third and we’ll alternate fifth Sundays.)

Teaching is wonderful and I enjoy it, but it can be hard for me to gear up mentally and prepare to teach each week.

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  1. nice niece Says:

    I feel the same way with my RS lessons. It’s always hard to find enough time to really concentrate on the lesson and to prepare. But sometimes it just falls into place. That’s always nice. 🙂