You’re a winner!

In a week I’ve won a car and a major prize, supposedly, and I never entered any contest.

The first call came last week on Wednesday. We screened it and the message said our phone number was chosen for some top major prize. I need to call them back to claim it.

Uh, no.

Then today there was a message on our phone after we got home from gymnastics that our phone number was chosen, different company, and we had won either a Ford explorer or Cadillac Escalade. We need to call some guy named Kuba to claim that one also.

Again, no thanks.

If I haven’t entered then how can I win? Granted I do sometimes enter things, but I don’t do things to win a car or a house, things I’d have to pay lots of taxes on that I can’t afford. I like cash and things that give me instant and guaranteed savings, like doing a survey to get a coupon.

Under the Do Not Call Law, we avoid telemarketers, but once I call and “initiate” any correspondence then they can call me all they want, or at least that company.
Plus, who knows if it’s not someone trying to get information to use my credit card or get bank information.

I’d much rather never claim the car I’ve “won” than take a chance at getting lots of unwanted calls, or lose my identity.

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