Miss Eden

Dear Eden,
You’re one!! I can’t believe you’ve been with our family for only a year. You’ve been so much fun, that’s it’s hard to imagine what we did without you. You have such an infectious smile and you are so kind to almost everyone. You’ve recently started doing a little dance when we sing songs. You’re favorites seem to be “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” and “Roll your arms.” You’ll dance to anything as long as we dance with you. (Your dance is holding your arms out and doing a little twist at your waist. We’ll get a recording of it later today or this week.) You have so much fun with your big sister and you want to be just where she is, even if that means laying on top of her. You try to build blocks with her, but you’re just not coordinated enough. You can be demanding, but you are still so easy to care for. I can usually read your needs, though you like to throw me for a loop every once in a while. You love staying up at nap time with Lilah and you guys talk to one another. You’re just starting to gain more confidence on standing and walking with our help, and I’m sure you will take off walking as soon as you realize that you’ll be able to keep up with Lilah better. You’re always happy. You do get grumpy, but you happy around 85% of the time. It’s only when you’re frustrated because we took something away, or you’re in timeout that you’re unhappy. You love blankets. You’ll crash your little head into an blanket you see. You love you’re parents. You go crawling to the door whenever you hear that Daddy’s home or Mommy. (It may be that you like to go outside too.) You are a joy to have. I can’t wait to see how your personality grows this next year.


Here are some pictures of your birthday. We just had a cake because we’re having a party this Saturday.
You loved your first taste of cake. There’s also a picture of Lilah’s finger with frosting. For some reason she wanted your Daddy to take pictures of her finger with frosting, and for some reason he did. I thought it was funny so that’s why I’m posting it.

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