onto the fourth day

Lilah started getting sick on Tuesday and Wednesday Jon stayed home with us. We spent Wednesday night at my parents house so he could go to Reno Thursday morning and we wouldn’t have to be dropped off at 6:00 am. I had given my friend Barbara the option of not coming so her little boy wouldn’t get sick again. So Thursday was a grumpy day. First Jon, Lilah and I shared the daybed and trundle that’s in my parents downstairs. Lilah being sick woke up a lot and that meant we woke up a lot. When Jon got up at 5:30 am to have breakfast she decided she wanted breakfast and to be up. I was grumpy and wanted to make her stay in bed because it wasn’t time to be up, but her dad gave her breakfast and watched her. We gave him a hug goodbye and Lilah went to the couch. Honestly I don’t know when she fell asleep because I went back to the room. Eden also had a hard time getting to sleep that night. She didn’t like it when Grandma first tried to put her in a playpen in their room, and for the rest of the night didn’t like to be left alone with grandma. We sang to her and what not until she finally fell asleep in Grandma’s arms. I guess she wasn’t too happy in the morning either when it was grandma who got her. She eventually got over the trauma and Friday she was okay with Grandma putting her down for her naps.
Thursday Lilah was sick, and she started having a fever that evening. She still has a fever and it’s now Saturday. It’s been high and low. She complains of her ear at times and I’ve tried to keep her hydrated. She isn’t wanting anything though. What to do with a child who doesn’t eat or drink much. Yesterday I let her eat goldfish crackers because it was the only thing she would eat. She also had a cup or two of orange juice. It’s been tough. I figure I’ll call Monday of she still hasn’t gotten over this fever. She’s just never been sick this long. Usually it’s a day or two and then she’s on the mend. Now it’s day four and still sick. It’s just hard on a mom.

We were at my mom’s because she has no young children. Had Lilah not been sick we would have gone to the Lee’s on Friday, but I didn’t want the kids bugging her to play and what not. She was grumpy enough at my mom’s house.

Now I need to prepare my Sunday school lesson. I just need to get it on paper and figure out exactly how I want it to go. Sigh I best get going.

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