Fun stuff going on

Eden is standing by herself for long periods of times, and feeding herself with a spoon, well mostly. She does pretty good with things like applesauce. For her cheerios she uses her spoon and then her fingers. She’s getting more coordinated and it’s fun because this frees up time for me.
The other day we put the phone book on one of the chairs for Lilah ad now this is her spot. I think if we took it away without replacing another chair with the booster seat she’d get mad. Before she would sit in the high chair and we would push her up to the table. One good thing about it is now we can all eat at the same time and Eden won’t need to be in the excersaucer that gets oh so gross after a few days. I try to wipe down between meals and I wash the seat, but with her feeding herself it’s much more messy.

Today our air went out for a short while. It just stopped blowing cold air. We were getting ready to go and had turned it off, when Jon decided to try one more time. So far it’s work liked normal. The funny thing is we forgot to renew our home warranty, so we’ll be responsible for the whole bill. Now we pay a front fee of 400 or so dollars a year and then we pay a service fee of $55, it was $45 last year, per incident. When we had to get our toilets fix, the plumber came out three times, but it was only $45 because it all dealt with the same problem. It kinda sucks, but if it comes to be $475 or less, then I think we’re lucky. Really I only wanted the Home warranty in case of large problems, like the AC breaking. Since we defaulted they would start it but we wouldn’t be able to put in a claim for 30 days. So we probably aren’t going to get it again. It’s really just insurance, for the in case something major happens. I felt like we should have renewed it because our AC is original, which brings it to 20 years old. Oh well. You live you learn. We’re having him come out on Tuesday, unless it breaks before then. We’d rather have it fixed before it completely breaks, I don’t want to be stuck at the house and have it go out again. That would no be fun.

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