Family Pictures 2008

I’m so happy with the photos we got this year. I wish we had maybe one more different pose of the girls together and one of Jon and I together, but we don’t change that much, I just think the photographer would have done a better job than our last couples photo from two years ago, and with the CD it would have been worth it, but we didn’t decide to buy the CD till after we had finished our session.
So here are the photos.

Eden’s pirate face, as we call it.  (01family)


I don’t like this photo and will not be giving it to anyone who wants it. I do think Jon has a mischievous smile and I’m using it as an example of a bad angle if you have a small double chin like me.  (04family)

This is a better angle for us double chinners and I just love these two family pics.  (05family)


Girls are so cute. (07girls)


Uh, we kinda like each other.  (09girls)

We really like each other. (10girls)

She told them to kiss and boy did they give each other a  big kiss. I’ve learned I’m not a fan of kissing pictures.


Cute Eden  (13eden)



Cute Lilah (16lilah)





Someday we might be able to afford a photographer that will frolic in the grass or mountains with us, but for now I’m very happy with our in studio pictures.

7 Responses to “Family Pictures 2008”

  1. nice niece Says:

    When I saw that this post was titled Family Pictures, I audibly said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” I always love the adorable pictures that ya’ll get taken. I really like the colors you chose this year, they look great. And I love all the pictures!

  2. Fallon Says:

    All of these photos are so beautiful, Scott and I had a hard time choosing our favs.

  3. Lacey Says:

    Choosing the outfits was really hard this year, until I got it together and realized Old Navy is the place to go if you want shirts that match.

    I had to coordinate with something Jon had and I didn’t want the girls and I in navy polos and khakis, so school uniform, so I bought some shirts for them, but had to take them back because I found what we’re wearing at Old Navy. Lilah and Eden are both wearing 3T’s because that shirt was on sale and they only had three left in that color, two sizes were 3T the other size was 18 months. I tried them on to see if they would work and the did. Thankfully old Navy makes larger sizes and Lilah is smaller for her age.
    I then had to find a yellow tank top, which is so hard this time of year, but luckily I found one at a little boutique close to where I live.

    I’m really strange, but that’s how our clothes worked out this year.

  4. Bethany (North) Blackham Says:

    So cute!, love the pictures!!!

  5. Carolyn Says:

    Great photos!! I’m still choosing, plus I need them to go a certain way.

  6. Elizabeth J. Says:

    These are all really great. You are so good to get them done each year. We have never gotten a professional family picture…but I think we will for sure when we have baby number two.

    I did notice that Eden’s birthmark was disappearing. I bet she’ll be glad, but I have to say, Adam has a cousin who has a birthmark right under one of her eyes, and I think it adds so much character to her. She is already really beautiful, so I think it’s just a unique part of her.

    Same with our little girls. I agree with what you said about the marks fading meaning that the girls are growing up. 🙁

  7. MOM Says:

    Finally got to the website to see the pictures. They’re GREAT!! I love them all and the girls are so adorable.I especially like the two with the four of you on the floor.
    Love ya, Mom