Ely Trip

Sorry this took so long to get up. Blogger was giving me trouble, though we think it’s really our internet provider, but I’ve decided to change who hosts my blog.


So here are lots of pictures from our trip. I just love taking pictures.
We arrived Friday around 3. We just stayed and visited that night. We had delicious homemade pizza, and loved the company. Eden had her own room, except when Jack decided to wake her up. Jon and I slept in the living room on an air mattress and Lilah slept on couch cushions next to us. Somehow in the middle of the night Lilah completely turned around, luckily she was on the floor, and luckily Jon barely missed a foot to the head.

We had a wonderful Saturday. Brien and Andrea made us eggs, sausage, and toast. Lilah helped with the orange juice.

Andrea did Lilah’s hair.
This was just the second day so Lilah was still a little weary of Jack. (By Sunday she was playing fetch with him, and petting him without needing us there.)
Lilah picked the dandelions in the Park’s yard as we waited to get started.

We got out late and it took about an hour to get to Great Basin National Park.

Here’s Andrea’s and Brien on the road in front of us.
Here’s a view of what we saw as we drove.

We stopped at the visitors center to get info and rest. We bought some books, along with a DVD about Topaz camp, in which Jon’s grandfather helped built.

Lilah liked helping Eden walk around.

We drove to a picnic spot and then took a hike. We couldn’t go the full length so we walked just a little of it before we turned back.

Here’s Jon holding Eden…he’s a buff guy.
Here’s Brian getting some Indian rice grass for Lilah.

They spotted a lizard on the hike.
The Parks with Eden and Lilah at the end of the hike. The picture didn’t turn out well, but I wanted to post it anyways.
Us at the end of the hike, notice the rice grass Lilah had. She kept it until it Sunday, in which it started getting brittle and breaking.

We visited the Leman’s cave visitor center. Then we took a drive. We got to 10,000 elevation feet. We stopped at Mather Lookout and took some pictures. (Andrea you need to e-mail me the ones you have.)

I mostly got the view.

By this time it was 2 or so, so we decided to head back home so Brian and Andrea could make their dishes for the ward party, and we could shower.
It was a potluck dinner in which they held a dutch oven contest. If the food was in a dutch oven, they would judge it.
Andrea made my Dad’s famous baked beans. She came in first for main dishes.
Brien made some yummy potatoes. He said he sacrificed the bacon so his wife could come in first. He came in second for side dishes.

After we ate Lilah went and played at the playground.
While their the sprinklers decided to come on. It was only 6:45 pm or so….what park has sprinklers come on in the early evening? Crazy Ely.
After wearing a hat all day on the hike Eden decided to keep her pink hat on that Andrea and Brien gave her as a birthday gift.

We went to sacrament with them on Sunday. The boys and girls went home to make sure the turkey was done in time. I stayed all three hours because Andrea had to teach her Miamaids class. Jon said it was a full time job keeping Eden out of trouble. We had dog toys to keep out of her mouth, Jack to keep from licking her to death, and laptops to keep safe. At one point Eden had one of Jack’s toys and had climb into his little kennel.

The turkey was delicious. Jon took an Excedrin before we left for his headache, and to keep him awake while he drove home.

I’m not sure when we left but we got home around 6:30. At Alamo I went into the back seat. Eden wanted the company. It sure was nice to have Carolyn on the last trip. I realized if she hadn’t been back there it would have gone a little more like this one, with whining and some crying for attention.

All in all, it was tons of fun. I loved seeing my sister and her husband. It was a beautiful day at a national park and lots of good food. I highly recommend Ely, as long as you visit the Park’s.

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