My tagline

So as of today my tagline is: enjoyment is what happens when you let go of expectations.

I just wanted to write a little about why I’ve chosen that as this time. Now I as far as I know I came up with that thought, but it may have subconsciously come from somewhere else. I may have read or heard it, but I’m unsure where or from whom. All I know it that as I have let go of expectations I’ve been able to enjoy life a little more. Not that expectations are bad, but it’s when we set unrealistic expectations that they’re bad, plus we often set unrealistic expectations of others, and we can’t control them, so when they are not met, we can become disappointed. My prime example would be with Lilah. I was having such a hard time with her earlier this year. With my school, potty training, and her new opinion I just wasn’t happy and we were not always getting along. I’m sure overall I had fun with her, but the negative times and problems are what sticks out. I had high expectations of her. I felt she should understand her body well enough to go potty, but apparently she didn’t. I felt that she should be less demanding and better behaved, but she wasn’t. I wanted her to be the perfect child, so I didn’t enjoy her as much as I should have. Now as I try to let go of those expectations of her, and some of mine own as a mother, I am able to enjoy her. I am happier being at home with her. I let her throw her tantrums and I just try to ignore them. She sometimes pees in her panties, and gets very upset when it happens, but I try to stay calm….well calmer than I use to.

Like I said earlier expectations aren’t bad. Often they go hand in hand with goals. I’m trying to set realistic expectations of my children, husband, and self. That way I can have more joy in the accomplishments rather then the failures, and be pleasantly surprised when they exceed my expectations of them.

I suppose it’s just something I’ve learned, and is my little bit of wisdom at this time.

3 Responses to “My tagline”

  1. brien Says:

    That is great. You can always repay lilah by living long enough to have her change your diapers and deal with your tantrums. My grandfather did that to my dad and my dad will do that to one of my sisters. HAHAHAHA

  2. Shauntae Says:

    Hey, I love your new tagline. Whether or not you made it up, it is truly inspired. I think it is hard for me to draw the line between my realistic goals, and my unrealistic expectations. I definately see my life being more happy when I just let go a little. But, as an over-acheiver, that is hard. I totally know what you mean about expecting too much from your oldest, I do the same. And being the oldest in my family, I should know better! Anyway, keep up the good work.

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