Idaho Falls Trip

So we went to Idaho Falls this weekend. My Father’s side had a family reunion. Our first stop was in Logan Utah. It took us ten hours to get there, instead of nine, because we missed exits and had to backtrack to fill up gas tanks. We got there at 10:00 pm Utah time. We stayed at Jon’s niece’s house, Shauntae. We didn’t get any pictures of us or her family, but here is one with Matthew, her youngest.

Lilah sliding, she didn’t want to leave, and Matthew.

He’s the baby and he kept saying how he didn’t like babies. He was cute though…it’s hard when you’re two to have a family invade your house.
It snowed the night we were there, at least in the mountains around us

The mountains outside Shauntae’s house.

It was a nice sunny 85 degrees on Wednesday then Thursday the temperature dropped and a cold front moved in. Utah and Idaho were freezing…well really cold. We also had a lot of rain driving up. All through Provo until we got out of Salt Lake it rained.

We drove by the Logan temple.
It was stormy on our way out of Logan to Idaho Falls.

We had the reunion at my Uncle Don’s motel. Luckily one of my cousins brought cars for her boys to play with. Lilah had fun, and so did Eden…we just don’t have a picture of her.
Dakota is the boy, my cousin Don Jr’s step son.

Here is my father with four of his five siblings.

(Larry-my dad, Marsha- half sister, Don-brother, Mary- half sister, Mike- half brother.)
Here is a picture of my father’s mother.

After the reunion we visited the graves of family. My great grandparents and my father’s father.
I learned that Dad hung out a lot at his grandparents, the Harvey’s, house.

This is my grandfather’s grave. I also learned that he was a Marine in WWII.
Eden helping us pack.

On Sunday we visited several sites. The first stop was at the trailer park my father was raised in.

The neighbor man brought out his trash and my father recognized him. So even though he hasn’t seen this person in at least 30 years, he went over and introduced himself. (This is just like my dad…he talks to everyone, and anyone he remembers.)

Jon and Lilah in front of the trailer park my father was raised in.

Next we visited the school that my Father went to.

Dad, Uncle Mike, Uncle Don.
Lilah and Alona and a stray dog.

(Alona is my uncle Mike’s granddaughter.)

Alona and the dog.
Lilah on a bench in front of the school.

Our little family visited the Idaho Falls temple next.

Idaho Falls, Idaho Temple

I took the following picture…I’m very proud of it. 🙂

Angel Moroni through the trees.
The falls of the Snake river. These are on the other side of the temple.

We went from Idaho falls to Twin Falls, to Ely. We passed many farm fields. They were so beatiful. We’re just not use to seeing so much farm land.

A field.
Some dairy cows.
Eden being silly in the back seat.

Brien and Andrea told us about Snake River. Andrea was driving so she couldn’t look, but Brien mentioned how amazing the cliffs were and rubbed it in that Andrea couldn’t get a good look. Jon was driving so I teased him as we went over, so he decided to pull over and take pictures.
Pictures do not give it justice.

Snake River, outside of Twin Falls, or Kimberly Idaho, maybe both?

The Hansen Bridge over Snake River

It was beautiful driving through the desert at Sunset. The mountains had a purple hue and you could see so far in the distance. I truly love the desert. I love trees and mountains of other climates, but I love seeing so far onto the horizon and layers upon layers of rolling hills. Jon took this picture at the very end of the sunset.

Sunset outside of Ely Nevada.

We drove through Northern Nevada to Ely on Sunday. Stayed with Andrea and Brien, and on Monday we came home. We had to pick our car from the shop and drop my parents car off at their house. We got home just in time for me to do my assignments for my music class. It was a hectic schedule. It was a fun trip. I think we spent around 27 hours in the car. The girls were quite well behaved. We had one of us in the back seat for the end of certain stretches.

I hope I don’t have to go on a car trip for a while. We’ve done three in the last three months. We haven’t gone on one in two years. I’m glad summer travels are over.

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  1. brien Says:

    That is fun. We enjoyed having you over sunday night.