I see dead people

So with visiting graves after the reunion we tried to explain to Lilah that dead people are buried under the ground, and that’s where their bodies are. Well what stuck was, we visit dead people. (I will mention that for the rest of the trip any grassy area we passed Lilah would say that dead people are buried there, but of course we had to correct her many times.)
Today she decided to pack up her little grocery cart and take her friends to visit dead people.
Lilah: “Come on Mommy lets visit the dead people.”
Me: “Okay.”
We walk down the hall to the living room.
Lilah: “Here are the dead people.”
She points her foot to different spots on the carpet as she says
“Here’s my cousin Shauntae and here’s daddy.”
Me: “They aren’t dead we visited grandpa’s daddy.”
Lilah: “Here’s grandpa, here’s daddy.”

I just thought it was funny. We try to be plain with her. No frills, but as simple as possible.
At least we know that Shautae and her boys left an impression on her. 😉

One Response to “I see dead people”

  1. Andrea Says:

    That’s a great story. Thanks for making me smile.