Old Friends

An old friend called me this afternoon. She and her family moved to St. George just over year ago…a little before I had Eden. They moved out of the ward a year before that…so we’ve keep in touch but at the same time lost touch a little. She became my friend when I was called as an assistant to her for Achievement Days (activities with the 8-11 year old girls). I either wasn’t pregnant with Lilah or I was just pregnant when I began the calling. I wouldn’t have guessed that we’d become friends. In some ways we have very little in common in other ways we have a lot…and above all we get one another…I really love and understand her. Our friendship grew a lot once I had Lilah. She would pick me up and take me to her mommy group and to the movies and on her errands. It was wonderful to get out of the house and she never minded me and Lilah. She’d talked and I’d listen and then analyse for her. I understood her problems because some of my feelings and insecurities were the same. She was so loving and accepting. I felt so comfortable around her. We saw on another at our dirtiest..whether it was our dirty house, or the fact that we hadn’t showered. I learned some pointers about being a mom by watching her with her son. Even though I haven’t really spent time with him in two years…I’m sure he’s the most well behaved and non spoiled…except with tons of love… only child that you’ll ever find.
She’s a darling women and very talented. She sews, really she quilts… and is very talented…and she scrapbooks…she makes all sorts of little things for people that in the end don’t matter. That’s one of the things I would always remind her about…Does it really make a difference if you make that, will it enrich that person’s life more, or it it not necessary to stress and work on because it won’t truly be appreciated? I was making good headway and weening her off her over-achiever habit then she moved and then she moved again. When we talk or e-mail she tells me she hears my voice when she’s doing an unnecessary project. I’m glad she at lest still hears my voice even if she doesn’t listen. She’s a wonderful friend and I love that she e-mails and tries to keep in touch. I’m horrible but I’m trying to be better. Sometimes I forget about her, or really life goes on and you get caught up in life…it happens to us all, but when I remember her I miss her. She’s a dear friend and I hope we continue our e-mails and random calls and that she someday gets a blog. I don’t sew or do projects, so this is my outlet. I write because I’m procrastinating, or there’s something on my mind. She submerges herself in projects that have due dates that come too soon. She miraculously finishes much of what she does…how I’m unsure…but staying up till 2 am is part of it.

I love you Marcie Schear…Thanks for being my friend.

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