General Conference

We had General Conference this weekend. This was probably the first weekend that Lilah was very irreverent… the other ones weren’t bad, this one it seemed the only time I could be truly attentive was while Jon and  Lilah ate their hot dogs outside, and had the radio on to listen. They we’re only out there for the first half hour for the Sunday afternoon session though. Lilah finally got use to the idea of General Conference Sunday afternoon, the last session. She was attentive during songs during each session, and we tried to sing them. She just was, well a three year old during the talks and especially Saturday morning when she realized we couldn’t watch the Incredibles. I wanted to keep her in the living room…playing quietly or looking at books. She wanted to play the computer, which was off limits.  I offered a Friend at one point only to have her say no and try to put it back on the shelf. I put it away to have her throw a tantrum…I waited until she asked for it politely…then she again tried to put it away…I asked for it and she ran so I got it and put it away….she was crying and annoying me…once she calmed down she asked for it once more. I gave it to her and she was calm….It was fun. Eden was mostly okay…she just got upset when Lilah moved in on her cubby hole…an empty self space in the entertainment center. Lilah thought it looked fun and Eden didn’t mind sitting on her sister, but she didn’t like Lilah pushing her off. I was awake for most of the sessions and I was able to ignore the girls a little, so I think it went well about 65% of the time.

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