3 test…3 days

I have taken two test in the last two days…and I have one more to take by tomorrow. I don’t think I have ever been so prepared for three test at the same time….I suppose the test scores will tell me how prepared I thought I was.
My CRJ Stats course is the one test I still have to take and I have until tomorrow. That class is starting to become difficult. We’re getting into the part where you have so many steps just to get the answer…so if you mess up then you have to do the whole thing over…luckily most of it is repetitive steps. But none the less it takes half a page to do a problem and by the end of the semester it takes at least a whole page. It also takes more brain power than I normally like to exhort…It’s hard for me to do things in just commercials, or even when the girls shows are on or with them playing. That is the hardest….to study when they’re awake….especially with Eden awake. Lilah watches TV and is fine…Eden wants attention, or she gets into things…So you lose concentration and forget where you were or you mind starts wondering while reading and you’ve read a whole page and don’t remember a thing. That happens a lot to me.

The semester is nearly half way over…that I can’t believe…I’m finishing week 6 of 15.
I still haven’t decided if I’m going to walk. It just seems like such a big production…and then there’s sending out the announcements and having my girls sit relatively still in a large auditorium for at least 2 1/2 hours. Plus their might be horn blowers and just loud people, in which I know Lilah would be scared of the horn blowers.
I also know my mom might try to persuade me to walk. Andrea had to walk because of mom…and I’m sure she wanted to walk also, at least to some degree. I didn’t go to her graduation because it was the same one as Jon’s. Jon wasn’t walking because he didn’t want to sit through it…so why should I go if my own husband wasn’t walking? I was also about 32 weeks pregnant with Lilah…so being pregnant and sitting in an auditorium on hard seats didn’t sound to appealing.
It still doesn’t sound appealing, but I’m also thinking of the accomplishment of graduating. I have a few more weeks before I have to decide…I guess I’ll let you know.

One Response to “3 test…3 days”

  1. Shauntae Says:

    So, I’m on the “mom” side of the fence….I know grad ceremonies are boring, but they are the only ones you get. Plus, how many days in your life do you get that are all about YOU? I think the ceremony is worth it, and I am making Nick walk in the spring. Think of all the mom’s out there like me who would be so happy to be able to go to college… and walk for us!
    PS-I would find a babysitter for Lilah and Eden, they won’t remember the ceremony, and your other family members will be more comfy not wrestling kids. 🙂