Life in review

Jon thinks we may be on the down hill of Lilah’s temper tantrums. We’ll see as the week goes on. She still seems to cry when she gets upset  about Eden taking something rather then using words. She cries for a shorter periods, sometimes, when she’s trying to get something. I suppose I’m seeing a glimpse into the teenage years….crying and outbreaks for apparently no reason.  It’s just frustrating because I feel like she’s trying to manipulate the situation by crying….but then again Eden cries when she gets upset so she may just be mimicking her sister.  It’s just frustrating. I’m hoping they’re getting better.
Lilah also can’t wait for Halloween. My goodness. She wants nothing more to be an Incredible. I told her Anna was making the costume and she went on about Anna and how she’s sewing at her house. Then she wanted Anna to bring the costume over so she could have it. I will be happy once Halloween is over. It’s fun to see her get so excited but it wears thin on a mothers nerve. I think I’ll do something with the calendar. Put some scary sticker or face on Halloween and each day we cross off the days until it’s time, or put a sticker on. Just so it’s not quit as abstract as us telling her it’s a couple of weeks away, or it’s just not time yet. Eden’s going to be a purple Ladybug..essentially what Lilah was two Halloween’s ago. She’ll be our Eden bug.

I was able to give a good Relief Society lesson today. It’s was on Choosing Life or Death. Since most don’t have immediate thoughts or experiences I was able to get through all my quotes and each point that I wanted to make. Plus the women didn’t go off on any tangents. It’s frustrating when you want to interrupt someone or move on, but it’s hard to interrupt or ignore those who want to participate.

School is going well. I’m enjoying the easier classes, and working hard in the difficult ones. I was able to get an A on my first test for my Sex offenders class. Of course he went through each question in a round about way so I was able to focus on those things that I knew were on the test. The next test may be a little more difficult, but he does give us study sheets. It really is a perfect class for me. I love the challenge of learning the terms and understanding the deviant behaviors. I love that’s it’s suppose to be slightly difficult, but it’s interesting enough that it makes it worth it. The professor is also an interesting guy. He talks mostly in a monotone, but I like that he’s laid back but clearly states his expectations. Because of things in my past sex offending is interesting to me, it’s also such a prevalent thing that I feel that I’m also learning ways to protect my children and notice behaviors that sex offenders have, so I can be extra careful.

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  1. ambah Says:

    That sounds like a really interesting class. Any tips for us moms of girls yet?