No Internet for 24 hours

I know, I’m not sure how I survived.

I always have my gmail on and my blogs and depending on what I’m doing, throughout the day I see what’s been posted.

Yesterday my Internet stopped working and today, after about 30 minutes of being on the phone, 30 minutes of waiting for them to call me back, and another 20 minutes on the phone, I got my Internet back. Something about new equipment and reconfiguring, blah, blah blah. The gentleman who worked with my was very nice, but it’s annoying when you lose service and want it.

I had two checks to write out  online, but couldn’t. A library book to renew, but couldn’t and 21 blog post to check, and couldn’t.

Not to mention the couple posts I have in my head but will have to wait since I need to sew.

I’m so happy to be connected again.

Now I need to go pay some bills.

One Response to “No Internet for 24 hours”

  1. nice niece Says:

    Oh, I get antsy on No-internet days…are we addicted? 😉