Not sure why I’m slightly grumpy

This morning I had to have some blood work done, and it had to be fasting blood work, so I couldn’t eat breakfast until after it was taken.

I got the girls and me to the lab and we signed in and waited. The receptionist told me I was the first person in about a month and a half who had completely filled out the lab work paper. I asked if that was good or bad and she said good. We then settled for our wait. I gave the girls some animal crackers for a snack since none of us had had breakfast. (I thought going to IHOP would be fun as kinda a mom date with me.) I saw smiles from a woman across the room who watched them and especially at Eden when she was looking at her magazines and talking.

I got called in after about 20 minutes and the blood drawn.

We then went to IHOP, which apparently Lilah doesn’t like since she announced that as we were pulling into the parking lot.

I had my french toast and the girls had different pancakes. Lilah’s pancake had a face made out of strawberries, banana’s and whip cream. They gave her a gogurt to decorate her pancake face with. She had lots of fun doing that and then ate slowly, so Eden and I talked while Lilah finished eating.

I then ran to Smith’s for a few items. While I was parking the car Lilah got sad about her pancake face, she wanted to take it home to save and show Daddy. (She’s been very emotional lately and it wears on my nerves at times.) I told her we could draw a picture, or she could describe it to Daddy to help him picture her creation. That seemed to calm her down and we went on with our shopping.

I’ve been home for a little bit now, and the girls have been mostly good, but I’m a little grumpy. No doubt from feeling a little overwhelmed. My house is in some form of constant chaos and I have sewing that needs to be done. I also have three emotionally charged girls in the house, me being the third if you didn’t catch that.

I guess, I feel overwhelmed but more in the way that I know I shouldn’t feel overwhelmed, but I do. I have a lot at hand that needs to be done and all of it is within my capabilities, but I just don’t want to do it which makes me feel weak or lazy.

I’ve worked pretty hard all week, and I’ve accomplished a lot, but I just feel like I’m not really accomplishing a lot because it’s still crazy around here and there is still so much to do.

Update: I took a very long nap, way longer than I needed or planned, and after rushing to get a simple dinner, finish the ends of one table runner, and having Jon come home I feel more myself.

It was just a lonely, down day.

One Response to “Not sure why I’m slightly grumpy”

  1. andrea Says:

    I also like to take a nap when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I know it’s likely just an escape mechanism, but I sure do feel better after I wake up.