A few weeks ago I was coming home from somewhere and I had the radio on. Strangely enough Lilah was asleep in the back seat and Eden was awake. A song come on the radio and I sang along and then I noticed Eden singing along. Since it was the last song on in the car before we went inside Eden was still singing it and I thought it was too cute.

Later that night I couldn’t remember the lyrics, or song since it was fairly new to me since I don’t listen to the radio a lot. I tried googling  “just say yes”, but those were definitely not the lyrics to the song.

Finally the song came on while traveling to Costco this week and once again Eden was singing the lyrics to the chorus. I remembered the words and was able to find a music video of the song on youtube.

It was Jon Mayer’s ‘Say’.

I’ve decided this song has one of the easiest choruses to learn, especially since Eden had the chorus down pat before her first listening of the song was complete.

I’ve tried to capture video of her singing it, but the mic on our camera was acting up, and then I was testing the mic on the camera by going a little crazy with the camera, so I’ve pieced together what I could of her singing, and I have the original youtube video of it too.

One Response to “Say”

  1. Elizabeth J. Says:

    Eden is such a cutie. I just love when Megan sings along with songs.

    Eden has good taste 🙂