Saturday there was a local book festival downtown which I took the girls to. It was sponsored by Target, in which they had free, 100% beef hot dogs, chips, water and snow cones. Had I know about the free food I wouldn’t have fed the girls right before we left, but I still enjoyed a hot dog later in the afternoon while the girls munched on chips. They girls also had snow cones, while I took bites of what they had.

There were different booths featuring local authors selling their books. Booths which gave away free books, the girls got around 3-4 books each, and things to do like crafts and coloring.

I took the girls to get out of the house while Jon studied, something I’m always doing on the weekends lately. Then I went to a temple session for my friend Amy and her fiancee, who were getting their endowments taken out.

Sunday was the same ole’ thing.

Monday is a blur, as is Friday and why I started on Saturday this post.

Tuesday Jon was home and he went on his date with Lilah that morning. Lilah won my friend Anna’s gift card so she went and spent it on  gel paint, around 13  paint brushes, a pack of ten and a pack of three, and a little lion cub figurine for Eden, though that was particularly small and I fear may already be lost.

Also yesterday, the girls had a little song practice for the Christmas program for our ward dinner. They’re singing Jingle Bells, which Lilah said she didn’t know very well  because she doesn’t hear it very often, and Eden just sat there and did not participate at all. I think I’m going to disappear after I drop them off in hopes that Eden will actually participate. She was very talkative before the other 2 kids got there, but once she learned they would be singing and doing stuff she immediately stopped being outgoing and just sat there.

I’ve been sewing like a mad woman to finish the table runners, which were finished this afternoon. Now I just need to iron them one last time and call the parents to let them know they’re finished, since the bride and groom are already in Salt Lake.  Thursday I’m vegetating, preparing my lesson, and working on my talk. Friday I hope to do some major house work, which has been greatly neglected with all I’ve had to do lately.

One new stress in my life is a journal that Lilah and I do each day. She was doing it with Beth at the class and Beth asked if she was ready to take it home this past Thursday. Lilah replied yes, so we did and I immediately dropped the ball and forgot to have Lilah do it on Friday. (She draws a picture and then writes one to two sentences about the picture, where I might sound a word out, but I don’t tell her how to write it. It’s to show true progress on her writing and spelling.) Anyways, Monday rolls around and I ask her what she wants to write about and she immediately starts whining a little. We get through it, but she had been very crazy and unfocused, so we had a discussion about politeness and school time.

I admit I only do real sit down school activities with her around 2-3 times a week, so she’s not use to doing it each day. We read and do a little math, spelling, and what not. The journal is helping me to find time each day to do at least the journal and one to three more activities. She knows a lot and I want school to be a mixture of learn what you want when you want it, and sit down stuff that we do together.  Anyways, the second day she whined and when I mentioned it to Beth this morning she suggested that maybe it should be a just at her house thing, so when Lilah whined again today, I asked her if we should only do it at Beth’s house and she jumped right up to say no, she’d do it at home. (I should note today it was later and during her PBS time, but she’d already watched her fair share this morning while I sewed.)

She’s not liking school everyday, or at least doing the journal everyday, but since she’s not liking it, it shows me that I need to do school time more often and work with her more, but her attitude and my easily frustrated self make it a little difficult. Patience is one thing I’m short of lately, so I guess I just need to work harder and talk to her more.

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