What is up with billing?

Not to long ago I had to have some blood tests run and the woman commented on how I was the first person in about a month and a half who had filled out the whole form. Then yesterday I got the bill to that visit like the full, never been sent to my insurance, bill.

What is up with that?

I did the hand work, then I needed to go online and fill out what they should have done.

Stupid billing.

To see the bill just reminded me how much life costs. It was $390 to find out I don’t have any thyroid problems or diabetes because of some chronic thing that has been going on for the past two years, which I won’t state directly because that would cross the line of TMI.

Anyways, I’m healthy and normal, despite a chronic problem, and will be paying  lots of bills to prove that I’m healthy and normal, and they will be on top of all the bills that showed Lilah was OK, even after sticking a plastic thing up her nose.

Life is expensive and I don’t mind if it’s expensive, as long as I have an illness to show or a plastic thing coming out the nose it was put in.

I really am grateful for my health, I’m just not grateful for the costs it takes to make sure I’m healthy.

Have you had any crazy health bills to pay for lately, or mishapes with insurances?

It once took me 13 months and a doctor’s note for a $1,300 bill to be paid by my insurance. That one was not fun.

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