A little crazy.

I’ve been a crazy mom lately, and not in the good way, in the crazy temper way.  I’m sure I’ve been stressed lately, but even when I haven’t been stressed I seem to go off on little things, that are really from an accumulation of stuff.

Eden had a period where she peed on the bathroom floor once a day for about 5 days straight. She also has really not been listening lately and when the girls aren’t getting along, they are not getting along.  Lilah is doing mostly OK, though we have hard times with school sometimes. I think she is highly aware of my temper and knows when to stay out of my way because I’m mad at Eden or frustrated with something else. I try not to be angry at her when dealing with Eden, but sometimes she gets caught in the cross fire. I feel terrible because I see cautiousness in her when I’m just slightly annoyed and I don’t want her to have to walk on tip toes around me.

Today I went a little unhinged when Eden refused to get her sandals on so we could go to Beth’s. I had asked her a few times and she just didn’t want to.

I’m now enforcing an I ask them once rule and if I have to ask them twice they’re going to time out. Really it’s, I ask them once, if they don’t do it I ask them what they need to be doing and if they don’t start doing it or reply I don’t know, they go to time out.

For some reason Eden has really been testing my patience. When it was time to leave Beth’s she ran away from me instead of listening and then cried until we left, basically because I took her inside for not listening and running away. Beth and her girls felt so bad for her, but I did not because she knew what needed to be done and decided not to do it and run away from me. I think we’re both running low on patience and she’s testing the boundaries.

I’ve also enforced a cleaning up method of setting the timer for 15 minutes and they have to clean up and decide what needs to be picked up and whatever left on the floor will be taken away or thrown away if it’s paper. They’ve been making crafts constantly and it’s tiresome to always have paper on your floor. This has been working and I’m trying not to direct and say exactly what they need to pick up. Jon mentioned how I do this, so they don’t take the initiative, but instead wait for mommy to tell them what to do, or I tell them what to do before they take the initiative. I was upset at the time he told me this advice, partially because I was trying to get them to pick up and they were not doing it, but I see his wisdom in not always micromanaging, though I’m sure this is somewhat the root of my parenting problems.

Anyways, we had a better afternoon, I cuddled with Eden,  read to them and they listened well and we all took naps. I also finally got my floors mopped, though my lesson for Sunday is still unread. I guess I’ll be working on that tonight and tomorrow.

I’m highly aware that I’ve been really grumpy lately and I’m trying to remedy this by having a less chaotic home with children that do things when they’re suppose to. I guess I’ll also have to be more aware of what I’m asking them to do, so they don’t have to go to time out for little things.

Now that my obligated sewing is done I now need to make pajamas for Eden and maybe before Christmas I’ll have a robe or apron done  for me and my grumpiness will be replaced with holiday cheer.

I hope.

2 Responses to “A little crazy.”

  1. andrea Says:

    It’s just the normal ups and downs. It’s your hormones and her natural desire to test boundaries. I think a few months ago Lilah was the one you were having more disagreements with? You are a good mom and you just have to be loving and consistent.
    (BTW – I haven’t picked up the baby’s toys in the living room all week long. I just sweep around them.)

  2. Carolyn Says:

    What you need is day at someone elses house having them make a mess there. I asked Teri if she wanted to make gingerbread houses with us. She of course does. You need to give us a day, so we can hangout with you and the kids and make a mess and eat frosting.