Most expensive Christmas yet.

If you know my little family well, you know we don’t spend a lot of money on Christmas and gifts. We try to keep it to a minimum. Partially so it’s not some huge financial burden, partially because we want Christmas to be about more then just the gifts we receive, but mostly because I follow Jon’s wise counsel in not going into debt over a holiday. I admit the child in me wants a lot of things, but in reality the things I want, clothes and shoes, are not things my husband will ever buy for me and as the girls grow I get a little stumped on what to buy them.

Anyways, this year we decided to buy an XO laptop for Lilah. I saw it as a present for the girls, but I think it will be more Lilah’s laptop and when Eden is five, if they’re still  doing the program, we’ll hopefully be in a similar, or better situation, and will able to buy her one as well.

It arrived in the mail yesterday and Jon opened it up to check it out last night. We couldn’t do much with it because it asks for a name and we want Lilah to sent it up, blah, blah, blah. I so want to tinker with it, but I will just have to wait till Christmas.

Buy purchasing an XO laptop, we also give a laptop to a child in a poverty stricken area, so part of the expense is also tax deductible.

We thought long and hard about it, it’s not every day we drop $400 on one child, except the cost of hospital bills, if you want to count that, but decided it was a good investment and worthy charity.

Jon lists his reasons for liking the laptop on his blog. I think it’ll be fun for Lilah and I won’t have to share my computer so much. We bought a wireless Internet router since Jon will eventually be receiving a laptop for his work and so Lilah will have Internet access also. I joked that if we bought me a laptop we could get rid of our desk in front of the fireplace, but since this computer is only 2 years old, I don’t see a laptop in my future anytime soon.

I am excited for Lilah’s gift and I think she’ll have a lot of fun with it, the most challenging part being the touch pad mouse will be new to her, but it’s a real computer and it will have Internet access and different learning programs. I see it as a great learning tool for her and lots of fun.

One Response to “Most expensive Christmas yet.”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    I think you’re okay. As they get older Christmas will be more expensive. Clothes will be more too. 🙂