Eden’s run in with scissors.

The girls have been doing a lot of crafts lately. I would let them have free range with the scissors, crayons, glue, and tape until Lilah’s roll ran out.

About two weeks ago I was going to give Eden a haircut after her bath, but it got to late so we just got the girls to bed that Wednesday night.

Friday night Eden was using the scissors and she came over to me and mentioned cutting her hair. I thought she was asking me to cut her hair but as I looked at her I noticed she had a clump of hair hanging down from her hair. I pulled at it and it came out. I didn’t notice the damage at first, but then I went to the table to put up the scissors she had been using and noticed more hair on the floor.

Eden had cut her hair.

Thankfully it wasn’t too bad, like up to her hairline, and I almost kept her hair longer, because if her hair was combed just so you wouldn’t really notice her shorter hair, but for the 95 % of the time her hair is not just so, you could.

So Saturday night I cut her hair short once more.

I’ve been trying to grow out her hair, but keep it short with a cute A line type bob, but I guess I’m back to square one.

She is really cute with short hair, but I think she looks slightly boyish, especially since the pants I thought were girls I think are boy pants, they’re straight legged and just baggy on her.

I also worry that Eden might gain a complex as Lilah’s hair is long and gets done in more interesting ways, and when I have Lilah’s hair curly she gets a lot of compliments, but the one day I had Eden’s hair in pig tails before she cut it off, she wanted them out by lunch time.

She’s cute and I love her no matter how short her hair is.

What Eden cut off.

After I cut her hair.

3 Responses to “Eden’s run in with scissors.”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Eden has a VERY CUTE face, she looks good with short hair.

  2. Bethany (North) Blackham Says:

    She must just like it short. She is cute though either way. Out if 4 kids I haven’t had to deal with self haircuts yet but I am sure I will!

  3. andrea Says:

    It looks like she cut off lots of hair in the picture.

    Maybe you should give her a perm.