So here are the Halloween pictures. My friend Anna made the Incredibles costume for Lilah and Eden was a purple ladybug…what Lilah was two years ago. I was suppose to hem Lilah’s costume but I ended up not having time.

Here are the cupcakes I made for the Trunk or Treat that was Friday the 28th. I had strawberry shortcake green…so they look like they were on radio active grass. oh well.

3 Responses to “Halloween”

  1. Shauntae Says:

    The girls look so cute! Halloween is so much more fun as a parent for me. I do have to ask your opinion on the candy issue. How do you hand out the treats after the holiday? Do you do 1 candy a day, or how ever many she wants for a certain amount of time? I’ve always been a hoarder (it’s in the Blake genes), but now it’s starting to drive me crazy that they get into this candy habit. I’m leaning toward scaling down to maybe 30 candies, and they can choose to eat them all at once or one a day or whatever, but at least we’ll be done by Thanksgiving. That gives us one more of a break before Christmas candy! I’ve even heard of parents who let their kids choose a few candies out (10-15) and then they leave the rest for the Great Pumpkin, who in turn leaves them a gift. Tell me what you guys think, I’ll check back here for it.
    ps- the cupcakes are so cute, please tell me you didn’t think of that yourself, or I’ll feel suprememly underqualified as a homemaker!

  2. Lacey Says:

    Thus far we do one or two candies a day, after lunch then maybe after dinner. I , like you, am driven crazy by the constant asking of having a piece of candy after lunch and then again after dinner, but it can help to get Lilah to eat food she normally wouldn’t eat. Jon doesn’t like bribery, I find it useful at times, though I too try hard to avoid it. I am wanting to maybe have an afternoon that gives her a chance to eat a lot of candy and then be done. We would never do the Great Pumpkin thing because Jon hates having kids believe in imaginary figures, that means no Santa Claus, well their can be a Santa Claus but she’ll know he’s not real. (sorry other parents)
    I’m not sure what to do just yet.
    I didn’t think of the cupcakes on my own. I copied them from my friend Amber, who is highly creative and does cake decorating, though I’m sure she got the idea elsewhere…I hope anyways. She did them last year. (I didn’t find the picture of hers until after I did them, so they don’t have the cute mounds of dirt like hers. Scroll down to see them here.)

  3. amber Says:

    Cute girls!! Good job on the cupcakes. I actually did think of them myself… Glad you liked them!