Wednesday was crazy. Eden had a doctor’s appointment so I dropped Jon off at work and went to my mom’s house. She watched Lilah, or well, took her to her piano lessons while I took Eden to the doctor. Our pediatrician left for California in October so we are now assigned to the head pediatrician, Dr. Gary. He’s an interesting fellow. He talked to Eden like  a regular person, which I’m totally cool with because we try not to baby talk, but it was funny because I couldn’t tell when he was talking to me, compared to talking with Eden because even the tone of his voice stayed the same. (We usually have a slightly different tone when we talk to the girls, really our voices just raise.) He was nice and Eden did pretty well with him, of course she is only 15 months old. She weighed in at 19 lbs. 12 oz. and is 30 1/2 inches tall. I said to the nurse that with clothes and shoes she probably weighs 20 lbs so we can turn her forward, right? She said she thought that was true, but she couldn’t tell me to turn her forward in the car yet. I mentioned it later to the doctor and he did agree, so I had the doctor’s approval, in which that is all I needed. It’s nice to put her forward, it makes things a little easier in our two door car. She also got three shots while we were there, and didn’t cry. I think Lilah was the same way at this exact appointment. Eden puckered up and had the saddest face but right before she did cry the last shot was over and she decided not to. She’s actually been really good the past couple days and her legs haven’t bothered her a bit, plus she hasn’t had a fever.
After the appointment we went back to my moms and had lunch. We came home so I could cash some checks and have the girls take a nap, I also needed one. They both fell asleep on the way home which made it a little easier. Eden stayed asleep and Lilah watched some TV while I took a little nap. I was super tired since I got up at 6 to get ready with Jon. Well as I awoke I remembered I had left our cell phone charging on my parents counter. It had died so I brought it to charge while I was there. I did not want to drive back out to my parents to get it. Jon and I decided I’d pick him up and we’d get it, and since it was my fathers birthday we would go out to dinner with them. It ended up being Mom, Dad, Glenn (my eldest brother), Kristi (my second sister), Howie, Katy, Adrienne (her kids), and us. So 6 adults and 5 kids at Applebee’s. It was crazy and Lilah only ate her fries. She then proceeded to play under the table with Katy. Eden was mostly okay, she loved having a cup with a  straw, but she was antsy because she had been in a car, sleeping, or just not able to play nearly all day. We got home at 8:30 and put the girls to bed after playing for a short time.

This daylight savings has really messed up my sleep schedule. I feel tired all the time, no matter what time I go to bed or wake up. I try to take short naps because I get tiered in the afternoon and feel like I need a nap, or I start falling asleep when I’m lying with Lilah trying to get her to take a nap. It’s just crazy.

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